I have wanted to join in with Cathy’s weekly meme – In a Vase on Monday – for a while.

However, firstly it means posting on a Monday and I post my weekend review on a Sunday/Monday so that’s a clash. I am also hopeless at flower arranging resorting every time to the ‘plonking’ approach so it is a little daunting joining in such a meme.

But I am so pleased with all the spring flowers in the garden that I wanted to bring some in and share them. I have lots of these tiny daffodils flowering, I seem to remember they are Tete a Tete.  They were planted in pots last year and when I emptied the pots I spread the bulbs around the garden and they are really rewarding me this year.  After the large inherited daffodils they are the first to flower in the garden and are making it glow. The problem though was what to put them in.  I have lots of large vases but nothing small and dainty – it’s not really me but I have this small Chinese pot which I bought in my teens and I decided it might just do.


I added some fresh young Aquilegia leaves and a few cyclamen leaves to act as a framework and to support the flowers.

I am quite pleased with the effect and I have put the creation in my bedroom so the fresh spring flowers cheer me each morning.

Next week I hope to find something small enough to show off some of the lovely primulas I have.

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