Well here I am again for the second time featuring a vase on Monday – well to be a pedantic its a dish.  As I am joining in with Cathy’s weekly meme I thought I would follow her novel approach and instead of showing my vase on the modern fireplace I have or on the dull coffee table I would go outside.  So here you have a dish of floating hellebore flowers.  In my head the dish was much larger. I am sure it has shrunk over the years in the back of the cupboard. So I couldn’t use all the hellebore I had picked.  The intention was to include one from each variety I have.


So here are my favourites and prettiest hellebores.  Starting top left we have Hellebore niger which has been flowering since before Christmas, then an unknown dark hellebore (the subject of the watercolour painting I didn’t finish) , Hellebore Ashwood Neon Star,  Hellebore Ashwood Yellow, Hellebore (Rodney Davey Marbled Group) Anna’s Red, unknown  Hellebore seedling (in centre).  In case you are wondering Ashwoods Nursery isn’t far from me!


I think next year I will have to acquire  a larger dish as I do like displaying hellebores this way. I wonder what other flowers display well like this – any ideas?

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