In a Vase on Monday – Floating Saucers


Well here I am again for the second time featuring a vase on Monday – well to be a pedantic its a dish.  As I am joining in with Cathy’s weekly meme I thought I would follow her novel approach and instead of showing my vase on the modern fireplace I have or on the dull coffee table I would go outside.  So here you have a dish of floating hellebore flowers.  In my head the dish was much larger. I am sure it has shrunk over the years in the back of the cupboard. So I couldn’t use all the hellebore I had picked.  The intention was to include one from each variety I have.


So here are my favourites and prettiest hellebores.  Starting top left we have Hellebore niger which has been flowering since before Christmas, then an unknown dark hellebore (the subject of the watercolour painting I didn’t finish) , Hellebore Ashwood Neon Star,  Hellebore Ashwood Yellow, Hellebore (Rodney Davey Marbled Group) Anna’s Red, unknown  Hellebore seedling (in centre).  In case you are wondering Ashwoods Nursery isn’t far from me!


I think next year I will have to acquire  a larger dish as I do like displaying hellebores this way. I wonder what other flowers display well like this – any ideas?

For more Vases (or other receptacles) on Monday posts visit Cathy and check out the comments box.

32 Comments on “In a Vase on Monday – Floating Saucers

  1. The hellebores are so pretty and I love your colour varieties. I heard the other day that if you wait until the seed pods have started to fill, the flower will last miles longer in water than the usual couple of days if you pick them un-pollinated. Their colours don’t fade for a while and I thought this is a good tip to share!

    • I love seeing them like this and they should last the week l – Sophie is right about about picking them on the wane too, but I am not going to wish that on mine yet! Any container is fine by the way, or even none at all – thinking out of the box is always encouraged!! Thanks for joining in today

    • Hi Cathy
      I like the idea of thinking about the container, normally I just grab the nearest vase that is about the right size but as you predicted this meme is making me think more about how to display the flowers which is good and may encourage me to pick more of my own rather than buy every week

    • hi Sophie
      Thanks for sharing the tip. However I think the flower colour before they are pollinated is the best. They tend to go darker and less clean as they get older

    • I will try camellias although I think I will struggle to get more than 2 in my bowl

    • Peonies is a good idea, I might fit one in the bowl!

  2. A beautiful collection of hellebores! I can only hope to have such a collection to display that way someday. Camellias also work well floating in a bowl like that.

    • Hi Chris
      I will try camellias although my one camellia shrub has nearly finished flowering

  3. Quite a nice variety of hellebores. As soon as spring shows up here I hope to find my hellebores blooming so I can pick a few for a vase. The vases do look so nice when they are displayed and photographed outdoors. Lovely dish Helen.

    • Hi Donna
      Thank you, the only problem with the dish apart from its smallness is that it has a lip wich curves inwards so you have to make sure you really fill it up with water or the flowers get stuck under the lip!

  4. Gorgeous flowers Helen, and I like the idea of displaying them in dishes outdoors too. I’m going to put some on my garden tables which look a bit bare at this time of the year. I might try camellias too!

    • Hi Karen
      I often have small pots of plants on my garden table but at the moment it is covered in pots of seeds

    • Hi Janna
      I will have to take your word for that

  5. Oh that’s most pretty Helen and looks most attractive sitting outdoors like a little flowering pond. I’ve also been floating a hellebore today but a singular one. Sara Raven suggests in her book “Grow Your Own Cut Flowers” that the best floating flowers in seasonal order are : hellebores, parrot tulips, cherry or apple blossom, (what a sacrifice!) Iceland poppies, cobaea scandens, tithonia, roses or lilies as well as any variety of dahlia.

    • Hi Anna
      I think I would have to get a much bigger dish to be able to float lilies or dahlias! But it is good food for thought, who knows I may just embrace this idea of growing cut flowers

  6. Lovely hellebores – Helen – rhymes? I used to have lovely David Austin roses and preferred to float them in one of my lovely glass or Merrilyn Wiseman teal big pottery platters. I no longer have my beloved roses but another idea is fushias – don’t need such a large platter/bowl. I seem to have lost a few hellebores in my shift. Terry Hatch from South Auckland is a well know hellebore grower and if in NZ a great garden to visit and be entertained.

    • Hi Yvonne
      Roses that is another good idea for my dish thanks

  7. A lovely mix of hellebores and the best way to display them! A few people have mentioned peonies and camellias can also be displayed like this… I tried it with aquilegias last year and it was very successful too.

    • Hi Cathy
      I love aquilegias so I might try that later in the year

  8. It’s a novel idea but a worthy and beautiful one. The colorway of hellebores is changing and improving year over year. Here in the southern US we would place camellias in a china bowl with water. I have seen it done with pansies. My mother was a camellia nut. We had them all over the house. Good idea and lovely presentation.

    • Hi Robert
      Camellias struggle in my garden and the flowers on the one I have will probably be over by next week. Glad you liked it though

  9. I’ve seen lots of Hellebores displayed this way, but this is one of the prettiest. Gardenias are nice floaters…anything that is rather flat, really.

  10. What a beautiful selection of hellebores you have Helen & I think this is my favourite way to look at them! I have seen lots of different flowers floated on Pinterest – It is always worth experimenting particularly with flowers that have a short stem.

  11. So beautiful! The color combo is amazing…burgundy purples, yellows, and mixes of the two colors in the other flowers – stunning! The use of the dish is also a very nice touch.

  12. A beautiful selection of hellebores and floating them is the very best way of displaying them. Gorgeous!

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