Foliage Follow-Up – April 2015


I didn’t do a foliage follow up post last month as I was bored with posting about the same plants all winter – even I couldn’t face another photo of Melianthus major but with the warm weather and spring well and truly upon us there are new leaves appearing even more than the new flowers. I love the freshness of the new leaves something which you get at no other time of the year especially when the late afternoon sun dips down and back lights the leaves. I have a few hostas but they are a plant I want to increase in the garden.  The hosta above I have had since my first garden some 20 years ago.  I have no idea what variety it is and it has been divided over and over again.  This plant is residing under the Prunus kojo-no-mai; I have been dividing it and spread it to create a cushion of hosta under the shrub.  It isn’t quite there yet but I think it will look lovely when it is.  And yes there are some of the dreaded sycamore seedlings which I have missed.


An example of what I mean about the back lighting of foliage.  Here is a run of the mill dogwood which came from my mother’s last garden.  The young variegated leaves look wonderfully fresh but late in the day they positively glow and provide a nice contrast to the other green foliage around them.


Acer is another plant that has wonderful fresh foliage as well as good Autumn colour.  I love both ends of the year but at this time of year the leaves look so fragile and feathery.


Then we have the wonderful glossy leaves of Cardiocrinum giganteum which look almost like plastic and very unreal.  I grew this plant last year but I really don’t remember the leaves being so shiny and yes there is another sycamore seedling – tsk!


Leptospernum myrtifolium was added to the woodland border last Autumn to provide a nice light contrast to the large Fatsia and Rhododendrons which are in the border.  It is still a very young plant and is difficult to spot from a distance but I think it will be a good addition in time.


Berberis seiboldiwas purchased and added to the border at the same time. The leaves mature to a reddish-purple but I hadn’t realised that they opened with such a light green hue – like little torches in the border.  I think that once the shrub bulks up it will really glow in the spring border.

So here are my Spring foliage highlights, for more foliage delights pop over to Pam at Digging.


11 Comments on “Foliage Follow-Up – April 2015

  1. Yay for spring and new leaves emerging! Your comment that “even I couldn’t face another photo of Melianthus major” cracked me up! I envy you your hostas, which don’t do well here in hot central Texas.

    • Hi Pam
      Whilst you envy my host as I envy your tropical plants that I would have to take in every winter

  2. Lovely fresh foliage. I love Cardiocrinum foliage but unfortunately so do the slugs. Yours looks very healthy.

    • Hi Chloris
      I have to admit to applying some slug pellets when I planted the cardiocrinum and will reapply every few weeks

  3. Everthying is coming along leaps and bounds now isn’t it? I can’t believe how far on your Hosta is, they are only just poking their noses up here now.
    I love the foliage on the Cardiocrinum – I had actually thought that perhaps you had just watered it until read your comment.

    • Hi Angie
      That particular hosta is very early. I have others that are just appearing and one that hasn’t appeared at all yet

  4. I love Hosta and there are So many to choose from! I miss the Japanese Maple in Mississippi and I really would love to plant at least one here. I would like to have at least one Cardiocrinum giganteum, but i think I would have to dig the bulbs here in the fall. Great post!

    • Hi BR
      The cardiocrinum are monocarpic so the bulb dies after flowering. They do grow bulbils around the main bulbs so in a year or two these will bulk up and hopefully flower. You could give it a go

  5. Ha! I have the same Hosta and I don’t know what it is either, but I need to divide them almost every year because they are so busy!

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