My Garden This Weekend – 10th May 2015


On queue the Deutzia is flowering in time for the Malvern Spring Festival.  I don’t know which variety it is as it was here when I moved in 13 years ago.  I cut it back heard each year after flowering or we wouldn’t be able to get up the steps to the garden! This year is seems to be groaning with flowers more than ever before.


The garden is looking very lush and fresh.  Lunaria Chedglow has been wonderful for some weeks now and I plan to try and collect some seeds so I can keep these honesty going.  I do like the fresh foliage on box, it will almost a pity to clip the two cones back at the end of the month.


The Woodland Border is getting into its pace with the Solomons Seal and False Solomon Seal flowering and I am pleased that the epimediums have really clumped up in the last few years to provide good ground cover.  In the background you can just spot the young leaves of the Mahonia.  I do like the fact that the new leaves are coming through in reddish hues which are bouncing off the Acer in front of it.  I am also pleased to see the Mahonia leaves as two years ago I ruthlessly chopped the plant down to the ground in the hope that it would produce a number of stems instead of its one very tall stem.  The plant sulked for a while but it is getting back into its stride now and looking good.


The top grass path is still in need of a cut.  I have been rather distracted with other things this weekend so the only gardening that occured was cutting the front grass and potting up the pelargoniums.  It might look shabby but the pollinators are loving it and the cat loves the long grass.


The Big Border is finally filling out this year and I am glad that I took the decision not to leave spaces for dahlias and other annuals this year.  Its main focus is late summer which lots of aster and rudbeckias but at this time of year the camassias and aquilegia provide a bit of colour.


Finally one of those unexpected delights – Paris quadrifolia – which I have forgotten I planted last year.  I have to say that the flowers are a little smaller than I had anticipated but it is still a delight.


14 Comments on “My Garden This Weekend – 10th May 2015

  1. Love the Paris quadrifolia, its a plant I keep looking at but haven’t taken the plunge yet, seeing yours I might just have to now.

    • Hi Alison
      The flowers are much smaller than I anticipated. I bought the tubers in autumn and potted them up before planting out in spring. It will be interesting to see if it reappears next year

    • Hi Jessica
      It is all rather relaxed at the moment!

  2. There is always something new to see in your garden Helen. I’d never heard of Paris Quadrufolia (great name and as I’ve been brushing up my Latin I’m guessing it stands for pairs of four leaves). Is it related to trillium? I saw a great combination of a swathe of white trillium with a background of the shuttlecock fern at Siissinghurst on Saturday. Your woodland border is looking great, full of interest and texture. I treated myself to a new woodlander at Sissinghurst: anemone nemerosa vestal as I adore simple white woodland flowers in spring. I so enjoy visiting your garden on a Sunday evening, thank you.

    • Hi Homeslip
      I think you are right about the name and it being related to trillium. I had lost the label and when it first started to appear I thought it was a trillium. I am glad you enjoy a trip to my garden on a Sunday especially as I nearly didn’t bother this week

  3. How lush and pretty! Just look back at your photos of 3/4 months ago!!! Wow!

  4. I enjoyed the walk round. What’s the lovely euphorbia (?) next to your grass path with the daisies. And what a pretty honesty ‘Chedglow’ is!

  5. Your garden is looking so lush with such lovely colour and texture of foliage. I love your woodland plants, specially the Lunaria and the Paris. Your Deutzia is looking magnificent. Is it perhaps Deutzia gracilis?

  6. I love it when I come across a plant I’ve never heard of before – Paris quadrofilia. It’s a fascinating little thing isn’t it. I’ve just checked my local nursery’s web site and see they stock it. Watch this space – it sounds as if it will like the conditions my garden offers.
    Your garden is looking spectacular right now Helen and your big border is looking incredibly lush. It’s filling out beautifully. Thanks for introducing me to Paris.

  7. Helen – the paris is my garden is making its appearance for the third time, so you should expect to see yours every year from now on.

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