I have gone for simplicity this week, in fact I find myself preferring the more simple vases.  I have some lily of the valley flowering and I wanted to appreciate them properly, especially their scent.  They haven’t flowered as well as some previous years but I think they have suffered from beginning swamped by bluebells in recent years.   There was only a small posy to collect but the scent is pretty good.


The vase has appeared before, a £1 find at the local flea market.  I have put it with one of my favourite photographs.  It is of me, my Mum and my paternal grandmother, who died when I was about 7.  It is one of only two photos I have of my grandmother.  I just love this photo and it takes pride of place on the mantle-piece.  With them, as you should always display things in odd numbers (!!) I added my sheep pincushion which I made last year.  It too lives on the mantle-piece as I can’t bring myself to use it.


I think lily of the valley should be grown more, although I understand that some people find it hard to grow.  It is such a pretty spring flower and often overlooked due to the brighter daffodils and tulips.  I love its simple purity so it is nice to show it off this week.

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