In a Vase on Monday – Dainty Lily of the Valley


I have gone for simplicity this week, in fact I find myself preferring the more simple vases.  I have some lily of the valley flowering and I wanted to appreciate them properly, especially their scent.  They haven’t flowered as well as some previous years but I think they have suffered from beginning swamped by bluebells in recent years.   There was only a small posy to collect but the scent is pretty good.


The vase has appeared before, a £1 find at the local flea market.  I have put it with one of my favourite photographs.  It is of me, my Mum and my paternal grandmother, who died when I was about 7.  It is one of only two photos I have of my grandmother.  I just love this photo and it takes pride of place on the mantle-piece.  With them, as you should always display things in odd numbers (!!) I added my sheep pincushion which I made last year.  It too lives on the mantle-piece as I can’t bring myself to use it.


I think lily of the valley should be grown more, although I understand that some people find it hard to grow.  It is such a pretty spring flower and often overlooked due to the brighter daffodils and tulips.  I love its simple purity so it is nice to show it off this week.

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  1. Yvone Ryan says:

    How dainty!

  2. SUSIE DIXON Dixon says:

    Beautiful. I look forward to reading your blogs each week. Love Susie Dixon

  3. Yes, the delicacy of lily of the valley is very appealing, especially compared with some of the more florid spring flowers.

  4. Thanks for posting. Lily of the Valley was the first flower I loved. It reminds me of visiting my great grandparents up until the age of 9. I adored them.
    I also really love the perfume. It is Autumn here but last weekend I bought 3 pots of Lily of the Valley pips and planted them in the hope they will build up to a decent clump over time.

  5. While they were growing up, I sang to the grandchildren a camp song we used to sing in round. “white coral bells upon a slender stalk, lily of the valley deck my garden walk. Oh, don’t you wish that you could hear them ring, that will only happen when the faeries sing.” I used this song in a scene in a new novel and how I bought beautiful handkerchiefs in Florence for these same children with the flower embroidered on the edge. The first flower I remember, yours brought back all these memories that are part of who I am.

  6. A delightful display Helen, and I agree with you about the lily of the valley. One of my all time favorites for its delicate bell flowers and incredible fragrance. Mine has grown in now in spots so I plan to use it this coming week. Oh and I have a rare pink one I can’t wait to pick too!

  7. I just love a stem or two of Lily of the Valley tucked in a vase, it’s so much easier to appreciate their beauty and scent that way.

  8. Chloris says:

    I adore lily of the valley. Some people find it hard to grow and others get swamped by it. It never seems to increase much in my garden. I wish I had enough to pick big posies of it. What a heavenly scent!

  9. I can almost smell the fragrance coming from that vase, I like your more simplistic approach.

  10. Cathy says:

    That is a wonderful photo, Helen – so natural and full of life. Lovely to see your l-of-the-v today – it’s strange how it can either take over a garden or sulk; here it has refused to thrive for years but I had some more plants from another friend last year and they seem to be settling in at last and I noticed flower buds on them today. You are right that they don’t need anything else in the vase with them but it’s good to see your pin cushion next to them!

  11. Diana Studer says:

    what a photo filled with happiness! My mother loved lily of the valley – I used to seek out that perfume for her.

  12. Anca Tîrcă says:

    Lily of the Valley. Nothing else matters.Thanks, Helen!

  13. Christina says:

    Dear Helen, I love your restrained vase of the Lily of the Valley! It shows off the dainty qualities of this beautiful flower, without being overpowered by other bigger or more colorful blooms.
    I can see why you love the photo so much, it is a really nice one of you, your mom, and your grandmother!
    Warm regards,

  14. Brian Skeys says:

    A lovely simple arrangement, with special meaning to you Helen.

  15. Anna says:

    Lily-of-the-Valley is a most undemanding plant here Helen. My original plant from my parent’s garden has now grown into a thick ribbon directly underneath our north facing living room window. The first flowers are just opening now. I’ve had a pink one in the past but it did not flourish. What happiness that family photo portrays.

  16. That pincushion is a work of art, and I love old family photos! Be sure to write the names on the back – future generations will appreciate it. I have daguerreotypes of family whose names I can only guess at.

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