Malvern Hills Challenge – 1: Raggedstone Hill


In response to my fidgeting the other day my eldest son offered me a challenge – to climb to the top of each of the Malvern Hills.  Now to many people this really isn’t much of a challenge, after all they are hardly the Scottish Munros.  However, I really don’t do enough exercise and have been saying for a while that I need to get fit.  I live on the lower slopes and despite moving to the area in 2000 I have really only been up a couple of the more frequently visit hills; there are 16 hills in total although some of them are almost on top of each other.

So that’s one down, 15 to go and I think the next one will be at the other end of the chain: North Hill.  I went up this hill a few months back as it overlooks my mother’s house and we scattered my father’s ashes here so the walk may be  a little poignant but on that day we didn’t get to the very top so there is something to aim for.  Today I have been to get my resident’s parking permit for the hills, a snip at £3 per year, and some maps so I am all set.

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  1. annincumbria says:

    Well done you I’m sure it will be a an enjoyable experience and good for the fitness levels, enjoy

  2. Love this project & am looking forward to further climbs. Wish I could join you!

    1. Helen Johnstone says:

      Hi Sharron
      Thanks you will be able to share virtually although some of my photos from last evening were very out of focus as I was huffing and puffing so much!

  3. Pauline says:

    That is a fantastic way to get fit, I just wish I could do the same! I have walked in the Malverns just once when we have a short break there many years ago and agree that the scenery is amazing.

  4. rusty duck says:

    That looks lovely and your photos in the soft evening light show it to be a magical place.
    I am so very behind with blog reading, I only saw your post on moving just this morning. You’ve made the right decision I’m sure. We spend so much time, energy and money on our gardens and you are just starting to feel really happy with yours. Reap the benefit for a year or so before starting on another. I envy you that luxury!

    1. Helen Johnstone says:

      Hi Jessica
      I know you are right but I have itchy feet so I need to find other things to do.

  5. Sarah says:

    Lovely, those views are worth the climb and I’m sure you will find your fitness levels improve very quickly. I don’t know the Malverns at all so will look forward to accompanying you. It always surprises me how few people I see when I’m out walking in my local hills. Walking is such a gentle activity, it’s free and it gives you space to think or time to talk and it’s such a good antidote to all the bending and weeding and lugging of watering cans that gardening entails.

    1. Helen Johnstone says:

      hi Sarah
      You are right the beauty if walking is that it’s free and you get fresh air, better than a gym any day.

  6. A worthy goal with great reward. Hope you can always bring a companion and your cell phone. Perhaps you want and need the solitary experience, but it makes for an unusual gift to give a friend. “Join me on this lovely adventure.”

  7. Good Lord, are Dodgy really still recording? Amazing…

    1. Helen Johnstone says:

      Hi Joanna
      I don’t even know who dodgy are

    2. A Britpop band from the 1990s when I was about fourteen.

  8. Have really enjoyed reading about your first hike and learning more about the Malvern Hills. I have recently started walking 2 or more miles a day to get ready for the first group trip, so plenty of exercise, but I envy your beautiful scenery. Would love to see it for myself one day. Enjoy!

    1. Helen Johnstone says:

      Hi Marian
      I have aspirations to do more trips which will involve walking so this is the first step

  9. Christie says:

    Excellent challenge Helen. It should be delightful. We two Aussies have just completed a few days’ walk in the Cotswolds and the bluebells, wildflower meadows, trees with new growth, flowering vines and ewes and lambs were lovely. Walking in the English countryside is sheer pleasure. Enjoy your hill treks.

    1. Helen Johnstone says:

      Hi Christie
      The Cotswolds are lovely but I have to admit I prefer real hills! I really like the Lake District but the Malverns will do for now

  10. Julieanne says:

    What a lovely idea for a challenge. And the surprise seeing the bluebells. The photos look very inviting, and the views must make it worth continuing. Enjoy your challenge and I’ll look forward to seeing more photos and hearing more stories.

  11. Helen Johnstone says:

    hi Julieanne
    I enjoyed researching the hill and have found out even more fables about it since writing the story which I will shall at some point

  12. Yes, a nice flexible challenge, and some great views to reward you on the way!

  13. Cathy says:

    What a great challenge to set yourself, Helen. I really enjoyed that beautiful light in the photographs. I need to stop mowing and get out more! Looking forward to climbing the next hill vicariously!

  14. hillwards says:

    What a lovely idea, look forward to more exploits soon

  15. Brian Skeys says:

    Good for you Helen. It is amazing when you have something on your doorstep and don’t fully appreciate it. I have never walked all the Malvern hills, ( We rarely go up there these days, old age catching up) I did do a sponsored walk along the top with Mary when she was at school.

  16. owenldn says:

    Good luck Helen! This Sounds like a great project to do and I look forward to hearing all about your next adventure!

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