End of Month View – May 2015


Looking back on last month’s End of Month View it is amazing how much the garden has filled out in just one month especially given how dry May has been.  The temperatures have also been unseasonably low and I think this has helped to make everything seem so very green. As you can see the irises have started with Bumble Bee Delight just showing in the bottom of the above photo to the left of the path.  Just behind it is a Dutch Iris which seem to do very well here and I plan to add to next year.


Along the bottom path you can see the alliums have come into their own and the roses are about to bloom which I am really looking forward to.  I added roses to this border last year and this is the first year when they will be really flowering so it will be interesting to see if they live up to the image in my mind.  Throughout the garden there are aquilegias of all colours and types as I just love them.


The steps run up the end of the Big Border and are the access to the garden from the patio which the bottom and middle path lead off.  The plants along the edge of the path are starting to soften the steps.  I am really pleased with how the shed looks now, painting it has made such a difference.  It has somehow lightened the wood and it all just sits so well.


The view from the bottom path across to the shed and you can see how full the Big Border is.  I have done some editing but I think next Spring I might need to lift and divide some of the perennials to keep them in check.


The main woodland border is very full, possibly too fall.  I really should have relocated the Hosta Sum and Substance or maybe divided it and perhaps the Solomons Seal.  I think the hosta leaves add some good contrast to the smaller leaves but there is a lot of pushing and shoving going around.


Above is the newer planted area of the woodland border which was done last week. I really think I need to edit the Maianthemum as it is beginning to romp away.  I suspect since the Acer has gone and the willow has been drastically cut back there is more moisture getting to this part of the border which the Maianthemum is enjoying. With a small garden I spend ages hoping plants will establish and then when they do I have to set to to reduce the new growth!

So there is my garden at the end of May 2015 looking lush and full and quite floriferous.

All are welcome to join in with the End of Month View, the more the merrier.  You can use it how you wish maybe give us a tour of your garden or focus on one area through the year.  All I ask is that you link to this post in your post and leave a link to your post in the comment box below; that way we can all find each other.




66 Comments on “End of Month View – May 2015

  1. The garden looks great. Your Alliums are a good way ahead on mine. I hope when they open they look as good as yours.

    • Hi Ian
      I do like alliums they add such a zing at this time of year

    • Hi Diana
      I would love to grow proteas, I bet yours will grow well once they get going

  2. I love watching the seasons change in your garden. Always delightfully inspiring

    • Hi Ronnie
      Glad you can join in this month. Will pop over to see your garden now

    • Hi Alison
      Thank you, it is amazing go quickly you need to start editing though

  3. A bit of healthy pushing and shoving never harms Helen 🙂 I get the impression that May seems to have chucked more of the wet suff down on us but like with you it has definitely been a cool month. Your garden is flourishing on all your tender loving care and the thought you put into its making. Your procrastination over what colour to paint the shed has definitely paid dividends!
    My end of month view is here : http://www.greentapestry.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/end-of-month-view-may-2015.html

    • Hi Anna
      I think you got more rain than us. I like the plants being close but some of them aren’t looking their best because of it so need a bit of editing

    • Hi Jessica
      I am sure your borders will look established soon, I think I have been here a lot longer than you have been at your house

    • Hi Annette
      I dont think the garden will ever be completely full of flowers as I always have something going over. I tried borders with seasonal interest but it didnt really work for me.

    • Thanks Sarah and thanks for joining in with the meme

  4. That’s a great word, “floriferous”, and some great garden views as well. Isn’t it strange that some garden plants go straight from “just planted” to “taking over the garden” without going through any stage in between!

    • Hi Rachel
      Floriferous is a favourite word of mine.

  5. it all looks wonderful. Alliums and Aquilegias are the stars of the May garden I love them. Every time I see your shed I think how good it looks . I have done a post but it is dull and wet here so I have not got many long shots. If it brightens up later maybe I will add another post. Meanwhile here it is thebloominggarden.wordpress.com/2015/05/31/end-of-month-view-may/

    • Hi Chloris
      Sorry to hear you are feeling dull and boring, hopefully things will perk up soon

  6. Wow, your garden is looking great this month – I love the first shot with the Irises. The shed is looking good too, the new paint really works.

    Unlike you, I am showing the very worst bits of my garden at the moment – my post is here. I will try to post some of the better bits at a later date!

    • Hi Juliet
      I have featured the worst bits of the garden in past years but then I got depressed as there was no real progress from one month to the next!!

  7. May has indeed created lush growth and it’s really filled out your borders. I love that Iris, Bumble Bee Delight, it does look like extra large bumble bees floating over your plants. I like how the aqualegia’s pop up all over, they give continunity and look ever so pretty. Overall the garden is looking beautiful, really beautiful.

    Here is my end of month view – I have similar problems with the pushing and shoving… 🙂 http://www.gwenfarsgarden.info/2015/05/end-of-month-view-may-2015.html

    • Hi Juliet
      I love the Bumble Bee iris but yesterday I saw some of the tall bearded irises and I could believe how big their flowers were by comparison, huge. Thank you for saying the garden is beautiful that is very kind of you.

    • Hi Anca
      thank you and thank you for joining in with the meme

  8. I am unable to have a garden this year, which is like being exiled from my tribe, so it’s with much delight that for a time I get to peruse yours. 🙂

    • Hi Shellie
      I would hate not to be able to garden so I feel for you. Hopefully you will have a garden soon

  9. What a full and lush garden. I love how established your garden is, with mature plants that look strong and healthy. Everything is so well placed, with your beds being completely full but without overcrowding. You can tell this is the garden of someone who knows what the are doing, and has gone through many years of trial and error to get to a beautiful and proven garden. Since I’m in my early gardening days, I have much younger plants with some bare spots in the garden, or other crowded places. I look forward to the day that I figure out more what works and what doesn’t, but I know it will be a long (and mostly enjoyable) learning process. Here are the views of my Texas. zone 8b May garden. http://rebeccastexasgarden.blogspot.com/2015/05/end-of-month-view-may-2015.html

    • Hi Rebecca
      Dont be fooled I often have to dig up plants as they are too close together and I have bare patches from waiting for something to bulk up but I do use annuals and biannuals alot to fill gaps temporarily.

  10. hello Helen, your garden is looking better every month, beautiful, all your years of hard work, thinking, planning, changing, have definitely paid off, it has all come together now, I like the shed in the photos surrounded by plants, even larger gardens can have problems with shrubs that for years seem to never grow then shoot up and out and sucker all over the place, I have just posted my EoMV, thanks for hosting this meme,

  11. I can’t get over just how much your shed blends in Helen, great choice of colours.
    Your borders are looking wonderfully full. There is a fine line, I think, between established and crammed – I tend to over plant therefore my broders get crammed before they become established! Just one of my many bad habits.
    Like you I am looking forward to seeing all my roses bloom together for the first time this year – I suspect yours will beat mine by a country mile!
    Again, thanks for hosting, it’s a pleasure to take part.

    • Hi Cathy
      I quite enjoy the editing. I have spent a lot of time in recent years on big projects so its nice to faff around with smaller problems like making more space.

    • Hi IT
      Thank you, its amazing how photogenic the shed seems to have become which is lucky as it dominates the garden so much. Thank you for joining in again this month

  12. Dear Helen, your garden looks great! Very spring-ish! I love and admire your restrained color scheme. Somehow you also found just the right mixture between color pops and a calm and serene green back drop. I have to admit that I envy your dense and lush planting style. It requires lot of plant knowledge and I am sure it also takes a lot of work (planting, planting, planting and often trans-, when plants are getting too big or spreading too much), but I always think, it is what makes a good garden a great garden. I still have miles to go to achieve this look and our dry, hot, arid climate is not really supportive to reach this goal, but hopefully I am getting closer over time.

    Here is the link to my contribution for this month:


    As always thanks for hosting this great meme!

    • Hi Christina
      You are kind about the garden. I went through a phase of focussing on time of the year for each border but now I think about colour more and I think the garden is better for it.

    • Hi Tanya
      I think wide borders are the way to go, you can indulge your plant buying needs so much better.

    • Hi Alison
      It has been pretty dry here too but the last few days have certainly made up for it. Thanks for joining in again this month.

  13. It was wonderful getting to enjoy your EoMV today, Helen! I’ve been caught this month by our internet data cap and missing everything bloggish as I try to make it to our June billing… 😛 I love your aquilegias, and the view up to the shed is so pleasant with the combination of foliage textures and colours. It can’t be helped about the crowding, I think, since one never really knows the final size (or vigour!) of the plants involved. I have always erred on the side of too much space between, and I much prefer the effect you’ve made here!
    I’ve squeezed my own post in despite everything so here is the link: http://smallsunnygarden.blogspot.com/2015/05/the-dry-corner-and-other-garden-notes_31.html

    • Hi Amy
      I used to allow plenty of space to allow plants to grow and then spend ages weeding while they filled out, now I tend to go the other way or fill with annuals. Sorry to hear about your data cap that must be very annoying.

  14. That’s always the headache with a small garden, whether to plant so it looks good now or in 10 years when the plants have matured. I have always opted to plant for the first few years and then remove and lift later on instead of having big gaps for ages 🙂 Your garden looks lovely and full, love the shed – and by the way, I have no longer got a shed envy, I now have my own, big shed. Yay!
    Here is my EOMV post: http://graphicality-uk.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/end-of-month-view-may.html

    • Hi Helene
      Hoorah you have a shed, popping over to see how the move went

  15. I love columbines, too! I was given several by our neighbor, and they have almost all turned out to be different forms and colors. They are so airy and seem to dance above the garden.
    Yours is looking lovely, by the way.
    My post is at: http://www.linnaesgarden.blogspot.com
    Take care!

    • Hi Linnae
      I love Aquilegias too, they really are the star of my garden at the moment.

  16. So much to say about how lovely the garden is looking, Helen. The woodland border is fabulous (and the viewer can’t tell that the plants are elbowing each other for attention!). The shed is an excellent, subtle colour, and the steps up perfect. I think I always notice how good your paths are (as well as the plants!) when I look at your photos. And aren’t you lucky to have Maianthemum romping away! I can only enjoy your pic and dream … By the way – really liked the Meme calendar you have added and followed the link to the original. Very, very useful, because I always get confused. My end of month meme is here: https://gardendreamingatchatillon.wordpress.com/2015/05/29/an-evening-in-may/
    Hope June is as good to you!

    • Hi cathy
      I found that meme calendar on someone else’s blog – it is very helpful isnt it.
      Thank you for your nice comments about my garden.

    • Hi Donna
      I keep underestimating how big Sum and Substance is – its a real whopper and I think needs more space so I need to move it at some point but where to is the question.

    • Hi HHG
      I think the soil must be getting warm as the weeds are starting to grow but it has been unseasonably cool the last few weeks which I think has slowed some things down. However it is now meant to be warming up so hopefully everything will really get going soon.

    • Hi Felix
      Welcome to the meme, it is so nice to have another blogger joining in.

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