I don’t think I have blogged a Monday Vase for a few weeks so I made a concerted effort this weekend to put something together.  The theme is pink and started with the Geranium palmatum which are huge this year.  Luckily I planted most of them at the top of the garden under the bamboos as they have become very triffid like.  The pink is just so vibrant it was hard not to use it.  I added some Granny Bonnet Aquilegias in shades of pink and purple.  They seem to flower earlier than the ones with long spurs and flower earlier.  I don’t know how long they will keep their flowers in the vase as they are already going over.  I also added a Digitalis purpurea mainly because I don’t want it to seed as I am trying to restrict the foxgloves to white ones.  Also a couple of stems of a very dark Astrantia which I have lost the label to and some sprigs of Cornus for a little foliage interest.

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