I would like to introduce you to Hugh, a new addition to the garden.  Hugh was created by my friend Vik Westaway who is a sculptress specialising in willow.  In particular she creates amazing willow people which you can place in your garden but I prefer her animals and I fell in love with the owl some time ago.   So I was thrilled that as a thank you for the huge pile of willow logs I gave her, Vik gave me Hugh who is sitting on one of the logs. I am really pleased that some of the willow tree will have a second lease of life as bits of art work.  The other half is being used by my eldest son to train his scouts how to use knifes, axes and saws so the pile of logs has been put to good use.

You can see some of Vik’s work on her website. She has been particularly busy over the last 6 months since she was featured in Period Living Magazine. She is so busy in fact, producing sculptures for Chelsea and other exhibitions, that you have to book her two months in advance for a meal out!!! One of the exhibitions will be at the local Old Court Nursery, known for its asters, so if you are in the Malvern area in August or September why not pop in and see both the asters and sculpture.

Anyway I am delighted with Hugh who is residing in the old Bog Garden.  We thought he looked good peering out of the ferns and other foliage.  And why Hugh I hear you ask? Well if you say ‘hugh, hugh’ it sounds like an owl…trust me!!