Rainy Day Flowers


IMG_0137 (2)

I have treated myself to a new camera  – a Canon EOS 100D.  It was bought on a whim which is unlike me as I normally labour over such investments but I am in that sort of mood at the moment and I had the funds so why not.  It is my very first DSLR and I am determined not to rely on the automatic settings but learn to use the functions properly.  The biggest stumbling block is that as soon as someone starts talking about aperture, shutter speed and exposure my mind goes blank, just like when I was learning fractions at school.  There is nothing there, just the sound of the wind whistling around the void!!  It is this reaction which has stopped me buying a DSLR for some years but I have decided to overcome this and get a grip.

IMG_0081 (2)

None of the photographs in this post have been taken on automatic, some are on manual and some are using macro and I am rather pleased so far.  I have done some research on line and I have found some information written in a non-techy way which is slowly beginning to make sense.  One of the bits of advice I read was that you can always improve a photo using photoshop or some other form of software.  The camera comes with software which I have uploaded on my laptop but the editing in these images was done using the simple photo editing software that comes on my laptop and I am rather pleased.

IMG_0143 (2)

My youngest, the design whiz, has been showing me how to tweak the colour intensity etc and applied some cropping to the photos.  He did the allium and I did the other two.

IMG_0140 (2)

Then we really messed around and turned the cat into a tiger.  She thinks she is a tiger so we made her more orange.  She is roaring as she doesn’t like the sound of my new camera especially as it has been pointed at her so much!!

17 Comments on “Rainy Day Flowers

  1. Great close up shots Helen, showing the raindrops. I have never regretted buying a Canon DSLR. They produce some useful online guides on using your camera ( and hope to sell you some extras! )

    • Hi Brian
      There is a good cd with it as well, there is so much information that my head is spinning

  2. Oh how exciting Helen! Your first photos are excellent especially those of th the poppies and of your little tiger. Funnily enough I nearly went for the very same camera but opted for its sibling the EOS 700D, which I’m still trying to get to grips with. I share your apprehension about all those teccie terms. I think it might help if I read the manual. It looks as if you’ve had some decent rain – hardly a drop here which was most disappointing.

    • Hi
      I went for the 100d as the reviews said it was light and not cumbersome and they were right. I have looked at the manual but have learnt more from playing

  3. Try making your own notes about what you are learning. Wrestling with expressing it for yourself is a good way of helping it to sink in.

    I love your little tigress – she’s clearly a feisty one!

  4. Amazingly sharp! Have the same thing – somehow the meanings of aperture, etc. is automatically deleted from my mind:)

  5. Love the poppy pic. And the tiger! You’ll have such fun playing with that. Look forward to seeing more of the results.

  6. Great pictures, you must be very pleased with the camera! I love the allium in particular, with the focus fading away down the bejewelled spikes.

  7. Lovely photos …..I totally agree the techy bits of cameras are really daunting …..I did make some progress with my little camera once I got over my fear of the instruction manual!
    I enjoy your blog.

  8. Beautiful raindrop pictures. You really did some good work with your new camera. That little tiger is my favourite, I’m fond of pets.

  9. Good for you for splashing out on a good camera. I’m kicking myself because my 21-year old son recently sold his Canon DSLR which we gave him for his 18th birthday in order to upgrade (he takes his photography very seriously) and my Sony cyber shot is shot from when my daughter used it exclusively when running her blog for two years (she used to take some great photos of the garden funnily enough!). I’ve been using the iPhone outside and iPad indoors for blogging photos and getting a lot of stick for posting BAD photos. Perhaps I need to take a course or maybe go on one of those ‘photograph your garden’ events that happen at Wisley from time to time. Have fun playing with your new camera and I’m looking forward to seeing the results.

  10. Marvellous photos Helen – your new camera is a great one (I’m green with envy), but in the end it’s the photographer’s eye that makes the real difference. Fortunately you have a good one. The tiger is even more beautiful than the flowers (but then I’m a cat person). Have fun playing!

  11. The great thing with a digital camera is you can practise as much as you want and it doesn’t cost anything. I would be too scared of making a mistake if I was paying for film. Photographs look fantastic especially the allium.

    • Thanks Ian
      Having been brought up using film I still struggle sometimes to remind myself that it doesnt matter if I take lots of pics and some of them are rubbish

  12. Ha! I remember you teasing me about my new camera. But aren’t they great? I know exactly what you mean about film and digital – personally, I think it makes you think more about what you’re photographing, if you still have that old film mentality. I’m very impressed that you are learning the functions. I still use the automatic settings (unless I accidentally move it onto something else, which I did when I was in Canada, and took a whole bunch of pictures that were pitch-black).

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