End of Month View – July 2015


July has whizzed past in the flash of an eye and here we are at the end and you would be forgiven in thinking that we have gone forward to the end of September it is so cool.  It feels as though the garden has slowed down with flowers lasting longer in bloom and the later flowers taking longer to open.


I thought I would start this End of Month tour in the woodland area which really focusses on foliage at this time of year apart from the hosta flowers. There is a space where I had to cut the Solomon’s Seal down as it was being stripped by Solomon Sawfly.  I think I will relocate the Solomon’s Seal as it was suffocating the Hosta; this will also allow me to plant something new in the area between the Hosta and the Witch Hazel (just on the left hand edge of the photo and I am wondering about including a smaller and darker leaved hosta or a fern to provide some contrast – I need to sit on the bottom step and consider it more.


Going back to the bottom path between the Cottage and Big Border this area isn’t doing too bad but it needs to mature and fill out.  I have been adding plants to both border so hopefully now if I sit back and wait they will fill out and have good interest throughout the year.  I do need to add more bulbs to each area.  I want to add some more Alliums to the Cottage Border to give a rhythm through the length of the border and maybe add some daffodils to the Big Border.  It already a significant number of Camassias but I think would benefit from some earlier daffodils.


The middle path between the Big Border and the Rowan Border (formerly the Bog Garden) and I am really pleased with how this area is beginning to work.  Moving the purple phlox along a foot or too  and adding the Anemanthele lessoniana seems to have connected the two sides of the path.  The Agapanthus and Phlox appear to mirror each other and the grass and leaves of the orange Crocosmia are connecting. There are still pockets where I want to tweak the planting but that was ever so.


The popular shed shot.  I realise now that I should have removed the Ammi majus before taking this photo as it is flattening the Stipa tenuissima, probably as a result of the rain.  I want this area to have airy planting as it is very good for catching the afternoon sun and I think this would have a nicer feel than dense heavy planting.  I was learning today about transitions between areas of gardens and how you need to have quieter areas between those of sun and shade or bright colours and pastel.  I found myself realising that my planting has begun to have the same feel throughout the garden with the exception of the woodland/shady area.  I think I had got into a mindset that everything had to be ‘look at me!!!’ with lots of interest and all points of the year.  So I am now thinking about what I learnt to day and how this would work in my space. IMG_1943Back to the shady part of the garden and I suppose you could say that this area has a different feel to it and that the seating area by the shed is a sort of transition area.  I am pleased with how the old Bog Garden has filled out, although the Regal Fern seems to be engulfing everything.  I know I want lush and full planting here but not if other plants are going to be swamped.  It maybe that I need to swap the Siberian iris with the plant that is under the fern so that the iris’s foliage can grow up through the fern.  Another thing to ponder over a cuppa in the sun.

So that is my garden at the end of July.  I have just had a look back to last July’s End of Month View post which had some of the same views and I’m glad I did.  I can see from that post how much things have filled out since last year and how my efforts are starting to pay off not just with the appearance but with the health of the plant.  The woodland border looks really parched last year but this it isn’t doing to bad and I think the mulch I put down in Spring when the soil was very damp has helped.

Anyone is welcome to join in with this meme.  All I ask is that you include a link to your post in the comments box below and you link to this post in your post.  That way the circle is completed and we can all find each other and come for a visit.


28 Comments on “End of Month View – July 2015

  1. Oh wow – the garden is looking so pretty! I have to say you have a lot of plants to help spread the interest throughout the summer! Something I need to work on myself! The foliage looks great- and love your little saxifrage in flower!

  2. All your borders are looking wonderful, all your hard work has paid off! I’m certainly in favour of quiet sections in a border, they don’t have to be “all singing, all dancing” all the time, this is when wonderful foliage can be appreciated.
    My link is http://leadupthegardenpath.com

  3. Your garden looks wonderful. So peaceful and spiritual. You have obviously worked so hard on it.

  4. hmm transition areas. I have two inherited areas of green shrubs and trees, to which I’m adding my chosen shrubs and trees. One lies between the orange and red succulents on the Karoo Koppie and the pink white and silver leaved prettiness of Spring Promise. The other is between yellow, and blue and white, at the bottom of the garden where the pond will be. It just happenend that way with the established plants, but now I think about it, it works well.


  5. It looks so good Helen. Your comment about waiting for plants to mature struck a chord with me, I made a similar remark this month. It’s inevitable when we are constantly adding new plants that it will take time for them to integrate themselves properly and make an impact. It’s frustrating though, not being a patient sort, me!
    Here’s my link: http://www.rustyduck.net/2015/07/31/on-a-wing-and-a-prairie/

  6. I love your foliage and bog gardens. It’s what i want to do in my shady under the tree part of the garden. I’m jealous of your intact Hosta. Mine look like lace thanks to a mixture of invisible slugs and the sparrows

  7. It sounds as if your Irish garden trip is paying off in lessons for your garden. I am also learning lessons and getting ideas from those posts. I agree with you about garden rest areas. The spot on I working on for EofM views is such a spot. Thanks for coming up with this meme. It has helped me to concentrate on one area and to be able to see my changes each month along with you. My post for July: http://eachlittleworld.typepad.com/each_little_world/2015/07/end-of-the-month-view-73015-.html

  8. If you’re thinking of having a fern next to the hosta, take a look at dryopteris erythrosora. It has coppery tones which could provide a slight contrast to the soft greens in the shady area.

  9. Your garden is looking rather lush and it’s good to see those areas you have been working on filling out now. I see we have the same habit of sitting on a step pondering how we can improve things. It often doesn’t take much, even moving a plant a foot or so makes such a difference.
    I love how the Phlox draws the eye and really makes a statement amongst all the greener. The shed shot, as usual is my favourite. This area has looked great all year round.
    Thanks for hosting Helen. Here’s my link

  10. Your garden is so beautiful! You must put a lot of hard work into it, and it definitely pays off!

  11. It just gets better and better, Helen – and it has changed so much in the time I have been visiting your blog, but I wonder if we can ever feel that is is ‘done and dusted’… Like you say, the balance will change from year to year because of the weather so it will always be in a state of flux which of course makes a garden all the more interesting. My EOMV is at https://ramblinginthegarden.wordpress.com/2015/07/31/end-of-month-view-it-really-is/
    Thanks for hosting.

  12. Looking really good, so lush and green!
    Transitional areas, quiet space between bright colours and pastels….hmm, in my previous garden I had such a small space and soooo many plants there was never any room for quiet! Here in my new garden I am at least thinking of putting in some transitions, but knowing me I will soon fill them up with flowering plants 🙂

    Here is the link to my July EOMV post, with a movie as usual:

  13. Looking really good. If you’re looking for woodland ground cover,I can recommend Teucrium scordonia Crispum Marginatum,I love the foliage on ours…

  14. It is filling out so nicely – thanks for including the link to last year’s post as it’s fascinating to see the developments and growth 🙂 I love the effect of your purple Phlox – a favorite of mine which I most certainly cannot grow here in the desert! Your foliage choices are wonderful.
    I have my July post up now – finally! at http://smallsunnygarden.blogspot.com/2015/08/july-in-garden.html

  15. Thank you for a tour of your beautiful garden! It is so inspiring, and it makes me want to work harder in the coming year.

  16. I know we gardeners are never satisfied , but Wow!..your garden is looking splendid ,you must be really pleased with how it’s developing.Mine on the other hand is overgrown and blowsey,and I am far from happy about it. As an example Anthemis E.C. Buxton is about 5ft tall..I’ve had to stake it and it now looks as if it’s in a straight-jacket! Maybe I’ll have to give it the ‘Chelsea Chop’ next year and see if that works.

  17. That path between the Cottage & Big Borders is so inviting, and it looks like there will be more to discover around the corner. I think transitions between areas of gardens is hard to achieve in a small garden, but if anyone could do it, I think you could Helen.

    No EOMV from me this month, poor health so I’m not blogging at the moment. Hopefully I’ll join you again in a month or two.

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