My Garden This Weekend – 9th August 2015

IMG_2059 (2)

It seems as though summer has finally arrived, the temperatures have definitely lifted into the 20Cs and the borders are very dry; not great given the plants I have planted out in the last few weeks such as the Echinacea above.

IMG_2063 (2)

I was lucky to receive a gift of a number of Echinacea from Rob Cole at Meadow Farm last weekend.  Rob is known for his breeding of Echinacea and he is working towards breeding some strong varieties which will do well year on year in British gardens. I have planted them out in the top of the Big Border and they have added a real bling along the grass path.


The border isn’t as floriferous as it was a few days ago due to me cutting flowers for the local horticultural show.  I hadn’t planned to enter as I have been so busy at work and as Treasurer of the society I had a lot to do making up prize money etc. However, time was on my side for a change and I had time on Friday evening to put 7 entries together.  I’m glad I did as I came away with two second places, three thirds, and one highly commended.  Not bad for a last minute effort.


In another week this Agapanthus ‘Alan Street’ might have done well despite, like many plants in my garden, leaning distinctly to one side.  I thought it would be better this year with the removal of the majority of the willow but now I wonder if it is just an effect of the slope.  I think if I want to show plants next year I will have to identify them early and stake them.


Given the dryness of the borders my gardening time had to be focussed on the greenhouse which as you can see from state of the tomato plants was a good thing.  I had no intention of growing tomatoes this year but my youngest had a green moment back in the Spring sowing various seeds including tomatoes, peppers, chilli and herbs for his new house.  Sadly with one thing and another the move had to be cancelled and I ended up with all the plants.  Now he and his girlfriend are about to rent a house I am hoping that some of the chillies and peppers might find a way to their new home but I will definitely be left with the tomatoes.  I spent today rearranging everything in the greenhouse so that I can also get in, just about, and water the plants.  A few nice surprises were lying in wait for me beneath the tomatoes – the first fern plantlets had appeared and the Euphorbia cuttings had taken.  These are both firsts for me so I was really thrilled.


Finally I leave you with a photo of my herb window box which like the greenhouse has taken advantage of my lack of attention and is completely out of control.  There are herbs in here, more of my son’s purchases for his original house, but I added a few nasturtium seeds I happened to have and they seem to have gone mad.  I think they look wonderful and am considering trying the same over the prostrate rosemary next year.

And now I have to go and water the garden again… I would so like it to rain.

Author: Helen Johnstone

I live in Malvern, Worcestershire and am a very keen gardener. I started the Patient Gardener Blog in January 2008 as a way of recording what was happening in my garden and connecting with other like-minded people. I started a second blog PatientGardener 365 January 2013 in order to try and post a photo a day to capture what is growing in my garden or places I have visited

19 thoughts on “My Garden This Weekend – 9th August 2015”

  1. ‘Alan Street’ is such a lovely blue. I always used to worry about the hardiness of Agapanthus but they always seem to make it through the winter. Very impressed that you have managed to rear fernlets – all my endeavours have come to nought !

  2. Hi Helen – I thought England had had it hot! Your garden abundant!!!! Nothing like a few prizes to keep encouraging! I have a few daffodils out, lots of pansies, cyclamen and bulbs pocking up. Thought spring on way last week tnen bang whang a big Southerly front came up from the Antactic and snow south Island, skiers stuck in middle of the North Island and the Dessert Rd closed. Here on Whangapararoa Peninsula, huge billowing clouds, lovely sun, huge squalls, breakfast on terrace then cloud so cold again. Lovely rainbows, hail, drama! Just fluffy clouds today, sun at moment and little wind and cold 12 degrees – that’s weather for you. Enjoy your summer!

    1. Hi Yvonne
      the weather seems to be becoming more and more unpredictable doesnt it, we certainly seem to get more extremes

    2. Whilst here in the Midlands we have had it cool and no rain – amazing the variation for such a small country

    1. Hi Brian
      Yes Alan Street is an Avn Bulbs variety. I have had it two years I think and it has really thrived this year since I planted it out, before it was in a pot and was a little sad.

  3. We had nasturtiums in the garden of the house when I was a little girl. They went rampantly mad every year without fail, and remain among the very few plants I can remember from that period!

    1. Hi Rachel
      They do well on neglect and poor soil which is ideal for the window box. I think they are excellent value

  4. If I was able I’d send you down some of our rain Helen. Summer here is non existent.
    Your garden is looking great and I read with interest re the Echinacea. I love them but they don’t do well a second year if they return at all that is.
    I love the wide shot, they garden looks very welcoming.

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