GBBD August 2015


I seem to have missed a few months of Garden Bloggers Bloom Day but with two weeks of annual leave ahead of me and few plans I find myself finally with time to join in.  The garden is entering its second phase of summer colour with echinaceas, rudbeckias, crocosmia and asters all opening.  The zinnias are just opening, a week later than I had hoped as they were grown for last week’s show!.


I quite like zinnias and I think I might grow them again next year as well as cosmos which I haven’t grown for years and suddenly find myself missing.


The other annual that I am loving at the moment is this nasturium which is making a bid for world domination from the window box.  I think this variety has a nice velvet tone to it.  The packet of seeds were some old Thompson & Morgan trial seeds I found in the bottom of the box so sadly I don’t know what variety they are.


A new addition to the garden is this Chinese Foxglove.  The stem above is one of the shorter ones but the spires are just going over.  It has flowered for a month or so and adds a nice contrast to all the daisy type flowers at the moment.  Its tender so I will have to dig it up and pot it up for the winter or maybe risk it in the ground with a heavy mulch to protect it.


The Primula florindae has been wonderful since early July.  It has had 3 stems of flowers, with two reaching 3ft tall.  The strangest thing is I don’t remember where it came from or planting it.  I can only assume I tried growing it from seed and discarded the compost and then it decided to show its face.  I have three or four young plants which I bought this year not realising that this was growing in the garden so hopefully I can create a nice display for next year.


I thought I would share one of my clumps of violas.  I have a growing fondness for them as they are such good doers, flowering for months on end and all you need to do is dead head them and every so often chop them back to prevent them being too scraggly.  The one above Viola cornuta Clouded Yellow is almost at the point of needing a good chop back.

IMG_2107 (2)

And I have cyclamen flowering.  I think this is Cyclamen hederifolium but I’m not very sure at all.  They too have been flowering for a week or two and I wonder if the low temperatures this summer have confused them.


Finally in complete contrast to the diminutive cyclamen I thought I would share the first flower on the brugmansia with you.  Sadly you can see the flower has suffered from the unseasonal weather but hopefully the other buds that are fattening on the plant will benefit from some nicer summer weather.

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12 Comments on “GBBD August 2015

  1. Those zinnias look really interesting. The nasturtium is so rich. All the flowers are looking great. I hope you had some of the rain to help things along.

  2. I love zinnias too! You can’t find a more reliable bloomer.
    Happy Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day!

  3. Brugamasia grows wild in parts of NZ and been nuisance at times with experimenting druggies – deaths even. I used to have the lovely peachy one. Grows like the billyoh and can cut back.

  4. Next year I am planting zinnias in front of my new house, where I will have a new garden. I think they will cheer all passers-by. Right now I am holding a drawing for a beautiful book, Beardless Irises, if you go to and leave a comment. The drawing is on August 19.

  5. So lovely looking at all your lovely flowers…so many of them I would love to grow here but just can’t. I loved the primula. Isn’t it funny how sometimes a plant will just pop up and start growing and you have no idea where it came from. That has happened to me many times and yet the funny thing is they seem to flourish with no attention at all! I also loved your Brugmansia. They are so dramatic aren’t they? Now that is a plant that does do well here, although I have to protect them if we get a freeze.


  6. Well done with your zinnias – i have such mixed results that i don’t know if it is worth bothering. And that Primula florindae looks intriguing – so tall! I need to check it out 🙂

  7. You don’t mention the scent from your P. florindae, does it have one? Mines smell of cinnamon.
    I love the Zinnias. A plant I’ve never grown before, they are very popular from what I am reading this month. Pretty blooms and I have a Cyclamen coming into flower too. I think you are right re the weather, it’s confusing some plants.

    • Hi Angie
      I can’t say I have noticed a scent from the Primula, will check it out.
      I also noticed snowdrop leaves appearing today!

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