In a Pot on Monday – Unexpected Bloom

IMG_2470There is no vase from me today as everything is rather soggy and I have been distracted by a surprise find in the greenhouse this week.  Having a tidy up and jiggling things around I discovered that Hippeastrum ‘Ever Green’ had produced a flower bud despite my belief that it was resting.


I can only assume that the cool and moist state of the greenhouse this summer has encouraged it and I suppose it means that it won’t be flowering this Christmas.  Never mind I will have to just enjoy the other Hippeastrums I have provided they decide to flower and maybe I might just have to purchase a few more bulbs as a back up.


And here you can see how wonky the stem is due to it striving for light from its place tucked down the side of the staging before its rescue.

For proper Vases on Monday pop over to Cathy’s where you will find links to lots of seasonal floral delights.


11 Comments on “In a Pot on Monday – Unexpected Bloom

  1. What a lovely surprise for you! But the amount of staking you’ve employed suggests we’ve definitely under-staked our hippeastrum in the past. Which would explain why it would often snap! Do you train leaves up inside the twine, or let them out at the sides?

  2. The little tinker!! I am not surprised it was unexpected seeing it at this time of year although even a bloom the next winter would be totally unexpected for me! Yours is such a gorgeous flower – have you shown it to us before?

    • Hi Cathy
      Yes I posted about it in January this year when it first flowered. I think the flowers are slightly smaller this time.

  3. What a lovely surprise. I have never yet got the things to bloom again. They sit in the greenhouse and get leaves which the slugs adore, but blooms- never.

  4. Wow this must be so exciting for you 🙂 Indeed it’s quite an unusual looking flower! Does it have any scent?

  5. Such a beautiful plant. Recently I’ve started to surround myself with more leafy plants in the house. The greenery kinda soothes me into the autumn season and prepares me for the all white winter. I bought a fitonia plant which has gorgeous green leaves with a pinch of hot pink in them.
    Is the hippeastrum difficult to take care of?

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