Things I Like

So today’s writing assignment is to make a list. Either a list of things I like, things I have learnt or things I wish.  I feel the latter two would lead to too much philosophising and making a list of Things I Like on a chilly misty morning seems a good way to start the day.

1. Colour – I love colour but especially reds, purples, and oranges.  They are an injection of happiness on a grey day and pick up your spirits when you are feeling low. They warm the soul.

2. Turkish Delight – I know its to everyone’s taste but I have a sweet tooth and love anything sweet but if I see Turkish Delight I really can’t resist it.  It’s the ultimate syrupy sweetness.

3. Reading – I am a compulsive reader, my degree is in Literature.  I read every night and I read somewhere recently that this was good for you as it allows my mind to turn off from other things.  I particularly like a good murder mystery or detective story but due to my love of history (see below) I really really love a good historical mystery.  Currently I am reading the Sister Fildema novels set in early Medieval Ireland.

4. History – I love history especially medieval history but I find other periods fascinating too and I find early American history very interesting.

5. My car – well having a car, my new car and I aren’t too fond of each other at the moment, but I love the freedom owning a car gives me.

6. My job – yes I do like my job, honest

7. Embroidery – I have dabbled in all sorts of crafts over the years but finally with embroidery I have found something that relaxes me.  As I said yesterday I have a restless mind and concentrating on the intricacies of embroidery calms me and it is very satisfying.

8. Steam trains – I love the sound and smell of steam trains.

9. Motor racing – especially the older cars such as you get at the Festival of Speed or at the local hill climb.  I love the sound the older cars make as they accelerate.  It is so evocative.

10. and yes plants – I adore plants, find them fascinating and beautiful.

Just to clarify, the above are in no particular order.

Author: Helen Johnstone

I live in Malvern, Worcestershire and am a very keen gardener. I started the Patient Gardener Blog in January 2008 as a way of recording what was happening in my garden and connecting with other like-minded people. I started a second blog PatientGardener 365 January 2013 in order to try and post a photo a day to capture what is growing in my garden or places I have visited

21 thoughts on “Things I Like”

    1. Hi Hetty
      I didnt put my things in any particular order – glad to find another garden lover.

  1. I like purple too 🙂

    I feel you like plants more than this post says as you have made it your tagline 🙂

    Best wishes,

    Anand 🙂

    1. Hi Anand
      You are right I love plants but I wanted to show I am a more rounded person that just liking plants! My passion is plants but given my tagline as you say that is a given.

    2. Hahaha, I am glad I could read that much; obviously you are a well-rounded person.

      I wish you very best 🙂


  2. Eek beige is soooo boring and safe!! Give me purple, pink and red any time. These have been my winter colours! Cars – I did tell you my man friend has a testosterone red 1958 CT (or CX) 150 Jaguar, with wire wheels and black hood. Manual of course so steering quite hard. I was allowed to drive it back from Bay of Plenty with the hood down on a winters day with my scarf blowing behind me! Double the clutch and hard to get into gear. Harder than driving the truck I used to drive BUT what fun. Who says 76 is old??? My small poodlex dog allowed to sit in back. Enjoy your course!

    1. Hi Jessica
      I dont mind salted caramel but it seems to be everywhere at the moment and my perverse nature then puts me off it!

  3. What I love about your list is learning new things about you. Steam trains and motor racing, I would never have guessed!

    I’m a lover of historical fiction too; my degree was in Early Modern English History, though these days I read more medieaval history. Those Sister Fidelma books sound good, I’ll look them up. My favourite historical fiction writer is Sharon Penman. She does have some detective stories too, set around the period of Eleanor of Aquitaine.

    1. Hi Julieanne
      I will look up Sharon Penman thanks. The reason I love the Sister Fildema books is that they are set at a time when the Irish legal system was being overtaken by the rules of the Catholic Church. The irish legal system treated women as equals and instead of prison etc there was a system of serve fines. It is very interesting

    2. That sounds even more interesting. I know the Celts and Celtic church were quite different in their law or religious systems, and such a shame they didn’t win their cause at the Synod of Whitby. I agree, it’s a fascinating time. I find that transition period of what became Anglo-Saxon England really fascinating too. And the change from A-S to Norman England. Ok, I find it all fascinating. But the early period particularly 🙂

      Have you read Hild (book 1, others being written) by Nicola Griffith? A fiction but fascinating read into Hild of Whitby and that period.

      It’s great to be chatting about History with you.

    3. Hi Julieanne
      No I don’t know that book either, another one to check out thanks.
      The Fildema books have her attending the Whitby Synod early one, it’s interesting but with a good mystery alongside.

  4. Good list. But steam trains and motor racing? When I was a youngster I used to be made to listen to recordings of steam trains and had to guess/ name the train. I am not sure I ever recovered!

  5. Hi Again – Talking about Beige – when we were holidaying in Queensland a few years ago there were lots of British retirees enjoying the warmth. 99% were dressed in beige! All co-ordinated with their pale skins. If you want an exciting book to read ‘I am Pilgrim’ is a real page turner! All my book club and their husbands have read it – very exciting – short chapters. A nice chick lit recommended to read after it!

  6. I suppose these are the sort of things that we would find it hard to do without or to tolerate living with (in the case of absence of colour) – but I also remember having a really interesting discussion with a colleague once about the littler or perhaps stranger things that we found especially appealing, like coloured paper clips in my case… The conversation threw up all sorts of intriguing things that brought brief moments of pleasure – try it and see…

  7. Hmm.. The Greek Delight my uncle brings back from the Greek Islands, yes, Quality Street Turkish Delight, no. But steam trains, vintage cars climbing hills, reading, and embroidery – all very definitely, yes!

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