‘Treasure’ – an interesting word which immediately conjures up images of pirate loot, piles of gold and jewels but it means so much more.

I treasure the relationship I have with my sons. Both grown men now. I have bought them up as a single parent since they were 2 and 3. We have a special bond, and I feel so lucky that we, as adults, are friends , sharing jokes and experiences.

I treasured seeing them develop into men; I treasure the bustle and noise that invades the house when they are both home; I treasure listening to their, to me mad, conversation while they are washing up and think I can’t hear them.

I treasure the memory of taking them on their first flight, when they were probably in their teens, and their expressions as the plane took off.ย  I treasure the joy they experienced at their first real overseas holiday, discovering the fun of eating alfresco, lazing by a pool, seeing amazing sights, not wanting to go home.

I treasure snapshots andย  images of their childhood. Images in my mind – recollections of cut knees, crashed bicycles,ย  brotherly arguments and fights, sulks, birthday parties, driving lessons, revision stress, even worse – exam stress, first jobs, packing for University, moving out, calls home, hesitant confessions and lending an understanding and supportive ear.

I treasure being their mother and part of their lives.

This was written as Assignment 3 of Writing 101 (a wordpress course). We were given a word to inspire us to write something – my word was Treasure.