‘Treasure’ – an interesting word which immediately conjures up images of pirate loot, piles of gold and jewels but it means so much more.

I treasure the relationship I have with my sons. Both grown men now. I have bought them up as a single parent since they were 2 and 3. We have a special bond, and I feel so lucky that we, as adults, are friends , sharing jokes and experiences.

I treasured seeing them develop into men; I treasure the bustle and noise that invades the house when they are both home; I treasure listening to their, to me mad, conversation while they are washing up and think I can’t hear them.

I treasure the memory of taking them on their first flight, when they were probably in their teens, and their expressions as the plane took off.  I treasure the joy they experienced at their first real overseas holiday, discovering the fun of eating alfresco, lazing by a pool, seeing amazing sights, not wanting to go home.

I treasure snapshots and  images of their childhood. Images in my mind – recollections of cut knees, crashed bicycles,  brotherly arguments and fights, sulks, birthday parties, driving lessons, revision stress, even worse – exam stress, first jobs, packing for University, moving out, calls home, hesitant confessions and lending an understanding and supportive ear.

I treasure being their mother and part of their lives.

This was written as Assignment 3 of Writing 101 (a wordpress course). We were given a word to inspire us to write something – my word was Treasure.



7 Comments on “Treasure

  1. Please don’t feel you are talking to yourself, as I am sure there are many of us out here pleased to see every post in our inboxes. I look forward to them and enjoy each one. Your post today really made me think about my own relationship with my daughter, very much a bright and capable woman now.

  2. I liked reading this article and image is so beautiful.

    I am glad you have happy memories to cherish with your family.

    I wish you love and light.

    Anand 🙂

  3. I enjoy your posts and your thoughts…I have come to think of the flowers in my garden and the time with special people in my life as the only real treasure, the only currency in this world that has value.

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