Another simple vase from me this week showcasing the Kirengshoma palmata which is looking beautiful at the moment.  This is one of few plants that I would really miss if I was to loose it and I look forward every year to the first flowers appearing.  As I have said before on this blog the flowers remind me of butter curls.

I have added a bit of extra colour with some stems of Callicarpa.  I bought the Callicarpa a few weeks back from Hidcote Gardens and some of the stems are growing horizontally at ground level so need to be removed.  I think the purple berries pick up on the purple tones of the stem and base of the Kirengshoma flowers.


To increase the balance between the yellow and purple/burgundy I have put the stems in a burgundy glass vase which I have shown on here before.

I am rather pleased with the arrangement, it is quite simple but I think elegant and interesting.

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