Where do I write my words of wit and wisdom!? Well on the sofa of course, where else. I probably write in a way that any one who was interested in occupational health would be shocked by!

I spend all day, every week day working at a PC at a desk writing in my job.  So when I blog I want it to feel different to what I do 9-5. Not only do I lie on the sofa but inevitably the television is on in the background which I am half listening to and often one of my sons waunders in asking a question about something.  I think if I was to sit at a desk in a room in silence with no interruptions I would be incapable of writing anything – there would be too much pressure.

When do I write, generally early evening, after dinner.  I have often thought about what I want to blog about on my journey home from work so after cooking, and eating, dinner I am ready to hit the laptop.  I do use a laptop for my blog as I cannot get on with writing on an iPad.  I use an iPad for most of my internet interaction but as a trained typist of the old school I find the keyboard doesn’t keep up with the speed of my typing.

However, sometimes there is something in particular that is on my mind, may be that has been stewing away and then I need to just write it, to stop my mind being bothered by whatever – sometimes this is in bed, sometimes it is during my lunch break at work.

So that’s me – bad habits and all

As part of today’s writing 101 assignment I have to include a poll asking readers what they would like me to write about! So here goes – if you choose the Other option can you leave a comment saying what else you would like to see on here – thanks