If we were having coffee right now


Today’s writing assignment is to have a virtual cup of coffee.  The idea is already out there on various blogs – Kate goes global and Girl with the Red hair and basically you write a post as if you were having a conversation over coffee starting each paragraph with “If we were having coffee right now”.

So here goes, have you got your coffee ready?

If we were having coffee right now I would tell you about what a roller coaster my job is right now.  I am currently doing equivalent to two full-time jobs; my own and acting up in my former boss’s role.  I am shattered but loving it.  I told the Big Boss I wanted a challenge and boy have I got one.  It’s a steep learning curve, to be honest its a virtual line but it is giving me a great sense of achievement.

If we were having coffee right now I would tell you how inspired I was by a comment made by Kate when she and her husband popped in for a visit last Sunday.  She is aware of my lack of enthusiasm and engagement with my front garden and how I had been pondering grasses.  But, despite having a beautiful garden based around grasses, she didn’t push them at me but suggested I adopt a similar approach to the back garden and develop a hardy exotic look.  Obvious really but sometime you need someone else to point this out to you. I already have a list forming of plants to include!

If we were having coffee right now I would tell you how fab I thought the recent television series Odyssey was.  It’s the best thing I have watched on television for a long time and I shall really miss it on a Sunday evening.  I would also say that I felt the focus was all on presentation in the Great British Menu and not on excellent cooking and that I thought it was anyone’s to win in the Great British Bake-Off .  I think Flora will do well if she could just find her confidence and self-belief.

If we were having coffee right now I would share with you how pleased I am to have broken my Twitter habit. The amount of time I have wasted over recent years staring at my timeline, and over the last year in particular, waiting for something interesting to read, is ridiculous.  I am now trying to break the burgeoning SimCity habit that threatens to take its place.  Did I tell you I have an addictive nature!

If we were having coffee right now I would be telling you all the things I plan to do this weekend.  I have a weekend with no commitments so instead of just letting it unfold I am busy thinking, I could do this or that.  I must learn to chill and just be!!!!

If we were having coffee right now I would tell you how much I am enjoying the WordPress Writing 101 course.  It has helped me get out of a rut with my blog, it has allowed me to write about anything and not worry about people’s reactions.  It has reminded me that its MY blog to do with what I want. I would tell you how much I have enjoyed writing this particular post and that it is definitely an idea I intend to carry on with on the blog maybe ever couple of weeks.

If we were having coffee right now I would ask you what you have been up to and whether we could have coffee at yours next time?


24 Comments on “If we were having coffee right now

  1. Another enjoyable piece of writing. I can tell you are enjoying the course. In fact, you have almost persuaded me to have a go also. I will wait and see what the other assignments are, though. Nothing like letting others go first!
    You were saying you were worried about losing some of your gardening blogging friends if you strayed away from the main subject of your blog. Yes, you might lose a few, but in general I think your real blogging friends would be interested to find out more about you as well as your garden. That is how I feel about some bloggers that I follow anyway. So good luck with the rest of the course.

    • Hi Annette
      Give it a go, it’s free and no one checks up on whether you do everything, it’s just there for you to dip in and out of and you don’t have to publish what you write

  2. If we were having coffee right now, I’d be telling you how pleased I am that you are loving your challenges at work because the last time I ate at a restaurant two ladies at the next table spent the entire time complaining about what was wrong at work!

    • Hi Rachel
      I think you only get out of life what you put into it, I have a bit of a Pollyanna approach to life if you know what I mean

  3. If we were having coffee right now I would tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. You have a simple and straightforward way of expressing ideas that puts me at ease and makes me listen. So often, when visiting blogs, I find myself quickly skimming the material for something of interest. You, however, have a sure hand at weaving day-to-day activities with just enough background info and personal insights to create an engaging story, no matter what the topic. I like that you can be critical and sometimes sad, but yet compassionate and resilient. I’m glad to hear you are enjoying your new course…it makes lots of fun reading:-)

    • Hi Marian
      That is so kind of you. I write as I think I suppose and I think that helps me although it may show how scatty my brain is!

  4. If we were having a coffee right now, I’d be dying to ask you about your garden and hopefully get a tour in real life! I’d invite you back asap for you to give me some advice in my garden! Love this post!

    • Hi Linda
      Will post update on garden on Sunday evening promise.

    • Hi Donna
      I enjoyed that post, think I will use the format again.

  5. What an intriguing set of challenges 101 has thrown up for you, Helen – and what an interesting conversation you have had over your coffee! I am glad that you are getting a buzz from your work challenge but hope this is not a permanent solution. Elder Daughter and I were talking about GBBO this morning and agree that this series is even more friendly than the last one – most enjoyable, and as you say the outcome is still wide open. I am considering making a ‘proper’ Charlotte Russe when friends come for a meal next week… 😉

    • Hi Cathy
      Well I hope you share your proper Charlotte Russe if you make one. I make those strange biscuits a few years back which involved making puff pastry and they were quite nice.

    • When my Girls were smaller I used to make a cheat’s version – and strangely in those days I wouldn’t even have thought of making sponge fingers myself even though made swiss rolls and sponge flans. Just deciding on some flavours now… I made those ‘double chocolate mousse entremets’ last year and they definitely were not not worth all the fiddle or effort (or cost)!

  6. I wonder if you would actually lose readers, if you continued to write about what happened to interest you for each post. People read your blog for your view of the world.
    Besides, you’d probably gain new readers …

  7. Hi Helen – I am a coffee snob! I don’t drink tea – I think I was a tea picker or dunked in a tea vat in a previous life – I don’t even like the smell of it with my super sensitive nose! I refuse to drink instant – life is too short! I grind my own beans – lots of great blends and roasted here. Lots of fellow coffee snobs in NZ! Apparently NZ’ers who set up in London very busy with their ‘real’ coffee. I usually have a cappacino in a tulip cup with nothing (nude) on top. The reason I like cappacino is that our lovely NZ milk froths to a stiff creamy mixture, not sloppy, and sits on top and then you get a real ‘hit’ of coffee under. And being in a tulip cup is stronger. Double shot a bit strong and grows hair on your chest! A flat white has the froth mixed into the coffee. Too milky and you don’t get that hit! I don’t add sugar, I used to like some sugar crystals sprinkled on top and the would twinkle down and be nice and crunchy. Have cut sugar out now. I also used to have a sprinkle of cinnamon on top but the barristers (sorry wrong spelling) used to put too much on and tastes awful. Don’t like chocolate on top prefer my choc straight! If you were to offer me an instant I would say politely that just a glass of water please! In summer a treat is strong black trickled over icecream – forgotten the Italian name for it – a shot of liquor (opps again wrong spelling) over also rather nice – if not a bit lethal! I have now about 20 big bags of grains from my ‘Local” prize winning cafe to chuck around my garden – piling up a bit – been so wet underfoot – can’t make too many excuses – so must get on with it!

  8. Who knew there was another garden blogger with a mild addiction to Sim City ? Over our coffee I would confess to how many Lets Play YouTube videos I’ve watched to help perfect my road building skills.

    • Hi dodger
      How funny, I haven’t watched many you tube videos apart from to learn how to acquire the things I need to expand. Only at level 38 at the moment

    • Hi Cathy
      Oh I am the wrong person to ask about grasses, check out Kate’s blog over at the Barn Garden, there is a link on my post

  9. If we were having coffee right now I would say with regard to your job ‘go for it girl’ there is nothing worse than approaching retirement (I know a whir for for you!) and wishing too late that you had not achieved what you know you were capable off, believe me I know!

    If we were having coffee right now, I would say that would explain why I’ve not seen you on Twitter very often lately, well done!

    If we were having coffee right now I would say your blog us your blog and it’s great to write what YOU want as the muse takes you whether it’s about grasses or needlework, we all have a host of different interests.

    If we were having coffee right now I would ask if you wanted a pastry to go with it! Xx

  10. You are always welcome here for a real coffee Helen. As you say it is your blog,I think it makes it more interesting to read about other things than just the garden. We should always be looking for new ideas and interests.

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