Embroidery update

IMG_2874 1

My writing prompt relates back to the poll I put up earlier this week. I am supposed to write something arising out of what readers have asked for.   Someone asks for an update on my embroidery project so here goes.

I have been working on the Spring Trellis project since March 2015, actually not as far back I was expecting.  The plan is from a book by Hazel Blomkamp called Crewel Twists which gives a modern twist to crewel work.  I set out on the project as I wanted to learn how to use beads and also more crewel work techniques.

IMG_2869 2

It’s a large project, probably a bit over ambitious but that’s me.  I have one large motif to finish and then the last one in the bottom right hand corner.  Then I need to do all the connecting stems and leaves and finally some trellis in the background.  I started on the largest motif and I think looking at the last few I have done (top left and then top right) show that my technique is improving.


This is the motif I am working on at the moment although that is not strictly true as I am taking a break from it.  I have a hankering to do some Christmas cards and other Christmas decorations and I don’t want to leave it until late November as I did last year which is just too late.  So I have got some cross-stitch kits and am having fun undertaking simple embroidery.

Christmas Chick

This is the image of the one I am working on at the moment but familiarity breeds contempt.  I had whizzed along in the evenings and completed most of the bird’s body until I realised that I should have been using double thread and not single.  I suppose it doesn’t seem that important but the single thread gives a very pale appearance.  Anyway, I spent last night unpicking the whole thing – a good week of evenings work destroyed but I know it’s the right decision.  I also have some ideas for Christmas tree decorations which I hope to have time for as well then its back to the Spring Trellis – maybe.

10 Comments on “Embroidery update

  1. Your embroidery is absolutely beautiful! I feel inspired to start some again myself after a break of about 30 years!

    • Hi Sandra
      Thank you and glad I have inspired you, there seems so much out there now

  2. Hi Helen – A very beautiful art form requiring lots of patience. Did some when young but not now. Amazing display at Estuary Arts from upper North Island Guilds. OMG amazingly beautiful. So popular, lots of bus loads of enthusiastic women viewing and chatting loudly came. Intricate, imaginative, traditional and modern. Your crewel work looks lovely!

  3. Hi Helen,
    Your embroidery is wonderful, something to aspire towards….. I remember having to unpick a piece that I had begun with one thread instead of two…one thing about embroidery, it teaches endurance!

  4. You will find that even the cross stitch will help you a little with the crewel work. It’s amazing how much it helps just with being comfortable holding a needle!
    You may even find that not thinking about the crewelwork has helped – I’ve known that to have happened too!

  5. Even the cross stitch will help you with the crewel work – it’s amazing how much difference it makes justto feel comfortable with a needle in your hand. Looking good!

  6. You need a lot of patience for this work Helen. I think these embroideries would be fantastic made into Christmas tree decorations. The metallic thread and beads would really catch the light.

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