End of Month View September 2015

September 2015

September 2015

Whilst the garden might not be as floriferous (there’s that word again) as some at the end of September I am pleased with the range of texture and colour from foliage at the start of Autumn.  The borders along the grass path are looking fuller and more established than a year ago

September 2014

September 2014

I have finally cracked the left hand corner at the beginning of the path which because of its sunny location is home to lots of different bulbs but which needed some form of substance to it.  Adding the Anemanthele lessoniana on either side of the path and again further down has pulled the planting together and I hope will allow me to indulge my planting whimsies whilst maintaining a sort of cohesive look.


The workshop seems to really sit in the garden now as if it has always been there.  I can’t believe it took me nearly 3 years to work out what wood treatment to use and I am really pleased I didn’t rush in and follow my first instinct of black and orange.

September 2015

September 2015

September 2014

September 2014

The older woodland border is filling out and is looking much lusher than the same time last year.  I think the cooler summer has helped a lot. I’m not 100% happy with how this border looks, it needs some tweaking to bring it together better but it is definitely progressing.


The newer end of the border has filled out really quickly since the additions earlier this year and I think this is due to the serious reduction of the willow canopy overhead.  It is surprising how much moisture as well as light the willow blocked out.  I was worried that the increase of light would affect the plants which had been chosen for their preference of shady conditions but they have thrived and done better than ever.  I suppose it makes sense as most ‘woodland’ or ‘shade loving’ plants tend to live on the edges of woodlands rather than completely under the tree canopy.


I am pleased I moved the Paulownia to the former bog garden.  Its height has lifted this area which was looking a bit flat.  I have a lot of ferns here and I just needed some contrast of leaf shape and as I say some height.  I don’t think I am going to pollard the Paulownia as some do.  I know this would give me huge leaves which I do love but I fancy a more tree like shape.  I do think I will cut the branches back each year to see if I can increase the size of the leaves a bit.


Finally the gravel steps up the garden – one of the favourite views of my garden and place to sit.  The border to the left of the steps is the continuation of the area I plant lots of bulbs in because it is sunny and fairly well drained.  This is where lots of my treasures live and it is nice to sit on the step with a cuppa and look at the garden through the plants.

The End of Month View meme has been running for a few years now and any one is welcome to join in and use it as they wish.  There are no real rules but all I ask is that you link back to this post in yours and leave a link to your post in the comment box below so we can find your post.

33 Comments on “End of Month View September 2015

  1. So nice to see that in September the colours and the textures in our gardens are almost the same! Thanks again for hosting such a great meme, Helen! It helps me keep an extraordinary journal of the garden.

  2. It looks lovely and jungly, somehow a bit New Zealand-ish. You’ve been talking about re-jigging bits of your garden – my mother has suddenly started doing the same. I wonder what’s in the air?

    • Hi Rachel I expect she has spent the summer pondering like me

  3. It’s interesting that removing some of the willow canopy has helped the woodland border to thrive. It’s certainly true that there are different types of ‘shade’ and very little survives deep shade. I hope some of the plants that have recently seen the light here will respond likewise.
    Here’s my link… http://www.rustyduck.net/2015/09/30/just-dont-look-down-ok/
    A rather different view of the Precipitous Bank this month!
    Thanks Helen.

  4. I have been following your blog for a couple of years now and really enjoy seeing how your garden is developing. I have never commented before but after looking at this post and the photos of your garden just felt I had to say how lovely it all looks, so mature now and so beautiful – you have done an amazing job and should be very proud of your achievement!

    • Hi Jenny
      so glad you choose to comment and thank you so much for your kind comments.

  5. It’s really interesting to see your 2015 and 2014 shots side by side and I will be interested to see if mine changes much from year to year if I continue blogging. I’m not very good at buying plants preferring to propogate from what I already have but the other day I planted some more Narcissi Thalia in the woodland border and today I planted some blood red wallflowers from seed sown at he allotment in my red and purple border. I will add some red tulips here probably after Christmas. I also popped into my local garden centre today and bought a little bag of 15 Crocus Tommasianus to add to my front lawn. My technique is to dig out dandelions with an old kitchen knife and replace with a crocus bulb. Year on year the drift of blue is growing.
    Here is my link: https://homeslip.wordpress.com/2015/09/30/end-of-month-view-september-2015/
    thanks for hosting Helen.

  6. Helen, your garden certainly does look more lush and complete than this time last year. Well done. I too love the gravel steps up the garden – no wonder it’s a place to relax and enjoy a cuppa. I don’t have a blog but do enjoy reading lots of others!

  7. I love a garden that has lots of content. There’s almost nothing in your garden I wouldn’t be happy to have in mine, but almost nothing that I in fact have. There are so many good plants out there. It’s really made rapid progress over a year hasn’t it. It’s good to have photos that show how much it has come on. In a more mature garden you only get that in the recently refreshed bits, which requires a bit of a ruthless streak.
    My September end of month view is http://vespoid.blogspot.co.uk/

  8. Drove down to Thames to meet no4 daughter who had an appointment at hospital for stiches out etc to her amputation of two fingers – she has schleorodema plus raynards etc. Beautiful green paddocks and trees with their new spring clothes on – most magnolias finished but did see some pawlonia’s! Can’t imagine them pollarded – eek sounds really crewel! Nice to have some whimsies in your garden – hate regimentation! Staying in no 5 daughters house in beautiful NZ bush, nikaus, cabbae trees, manuka, ponga firns (30′ high) and ancient trees. Tui’s chattering – haven’t seen kereru – native wood pigeon, huge green and white chest – for some reason, usually lots. Spring finally sprung as nice and sunny. Been watching out for native clematis penticulata and only a few here, gorgeous white stars! My no 2 daughter has planted out many and big white clouds of gorgeousness! Took some photos but don’t know how to send them to you. Lots of kowhai’s out also. this west side of Auckland different with huge Regional Parks of native bush, rugged hills )mountains in your language) the Manakau Harbour and then black sand wild surf beaches.

  9. I like your use of the photos from last year to compare with, it shows just how well the plants have filled out. And to me, your planting scheme seems to be working very well.

  10. Lovely to see pictures from last year side by side for comparison. Your garden has really filled out and is looking stunning! I love the textures and colours, even though there are not some many flowers. It really inspires me to plant some different plants. I love your gravel steps and can imagine how nice it is to sit there and gaze at the garden! I did join in with your end of the month last year a bit, as I was planting up a new border. I have to say that it is looking quite good this year, so I really must do a blog post about it!

  11. I took a conscious decision to add some late colour to my garden with sedums and dwarf asters – it really helps prolong the season of flowers.

    • Hi AP
      I do have asters and sedums a plenty they just dont show up in the photographs very well – just out of view.

  12. I can understand why the steps is your favourite place to sit in the garden. The workshop has blended in well. I think the Asters are late flowering this year.

    • Hi Brian
      You are right the asters are late this year. We are carrying out an RHS trial at Old Court Nurseries and were due to do an assessment this week and have had to postpone for two weeks because there wasnt much open!

  13. Your garden is looking great, Helen, really lush and healthy for this time of year when most of us are chasing leaves, and well structured. As a fan of your shed and path, three years of thought about paint paid off, can you imagine the fun trying to strip it back had you gone with the bolder clouds then changed your mind? Do you think more of that lovely Carex Ice Dance would punctuate and lift your ‘problem corner’?

    • Hi Kate
      Thats not a bad idea, will think about adding more Carex (not that the first one has been planted yet). You must come more often and give me lots of other ideas 🙂

  14. I’ve hopped here from Cathy at Rambling in the Garden and I’m so glad I did. It’s very interesting to see the comparison of your garden with last year – it must be cheering to see the developments. Lots of gorgeous planting and inspiration here and I look forward to reading more. Thank you!

    • Hi Sam
      welcome and I am glad you found your way here. I hope you visit again

  15. Garden and shed both looking fabulous, Helen. I do enjoy following your progress and seeing the developments through the months. I am personally starting to disbelieve ‘sun’/’shade’ labels on plants. Many shade plants love a bit of sun, and I personally have quite a few sun-loving plants that do perfectly find in our dark front garden.
    Here’s my EOMV: https://edinburghgardendiary.wordpress.com/2015/10/04/end-of-month-view-september-2015/

  16. I loved the garden and the shed, and it made me want to start sorting our cabin in the garden. Will there be a End of Month View in October.?..I’m quite new to blogging and just starting to take photos of our garden in spring now.

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