The Future


So it’s the last day of Writing 101 – such a pity. Our final task is to write about the future.  As usual I drafted my post in my head on my drive home; my best writing often happens somewhere between Worcester and Malvern.  But it all became quite melancholy so I threw that virtual draft away and rebooted my inner Pollyanna and started again.

Starting in the near future I think the Writing101 course will help my blogging going forward.  I had got into a real rut and the past month with the prompts has made me think outside the box and explore different styles and approaches.  Interestingly Susan has commented that she thinks my writing style has changed; we shall see.

Beyond the immediate future I don’t have any real plans but I do have some aspirations.  I want to travel more and I am sure that my travels will somehow fit around my plant passions not just visiting gardens but also looking at plants in the wild.  I would also love to do some trips that involve seeing wildlife.  Next year I am hoping to go somewhere really special – maybe Japan and I have already made plans to go to the east of the UK to finally see Beth Chatto’s garden.  Maybe I will dabble in a little more horticulture learning by attending a course at Great Dixter or at Arne Maynard’s garden.

I will be turning 50 next March a big deal maybe but I don’t think so.  I have enjoyed my 40s much better than my 30s and definitely better than my 20s which weren’t good, so I am hoping that my 50s will continue the upward trajectory.  Over the last few years my life has entered a new phase.  My sons are adults with their own lives and I have few demands on my time outside of my work commitments, and work  is becoming more flexible, so I have the opportunity to please myself more which is really liberating and exciting.

Long term I suspect I may move house in the next 10 years.  I have toyed with placing the house on the market a few times this year but I am quite happy at the moment and I think it will depend on who buys the house next door.  There is though a bit of me that craves more space in which to indulge my hankering to plant trees and shrubs and to have a larger greenhouse but I don’t want to move too far from the Malvern hills which I have grown to love since we moved here.  Oh yes in the next I need to finish my challenge of climbing each of them.

So who knows where I will be in 5, 10, 20 years but that is what makes life interesting, anything can happen. I believe that if you plan too much you miss out on unexpected opportunities and those are the things that are often the ones that really transform your life.


13 Comments on “The Future

  1. Hi Helen,
    I’m rather envious that you live in such a beautiful part of the UK. Happy 50th for when it arrives – I loved turning 50, it means I don’t have to apologise for being me. I’m happy in my skin and happy with the world around me. My children have both left home and have families of their own – loving being a grandma!
    I would love a garden, though I don’t really have the time to devote to one that I would surely need, it’s just that the idea is so appealing. I have visions of retreating to a writing room at the end of a garden (a she-shed if you like), where I can have a space dedicated to writing and researching. Not going to happen soon though.
    I do so agree with your comment about unexpected opportunities – they are what makes life so exciting 🙂

    • Hi Ruth
      I agree I feel more comfortable with myself now then I have before

  2. Maybe if you could work out what you really liked about Writing 101, you could devise your own extension series of articles to write? That would help to maintain the boost it has given you…

    • hi Rachel
      Or I could wait for Writing 201!!!!!!!

  3. I’ve enjoyed your 101 posts and glad you got so much out of it too! How does it work, can you join it at any time?

    • Hi Jessica
      the writing cost if hosted by wordpress but you dont have to have a wordpress blog (I think) but you do need a wordpress account to get the assignments. You basically register for it and then on the first day the daily prompts arrive. You can also access a forum where you can post links to your blog assignments and also read others. I have discovered some fab new blogs as well as reenginging with writing. The real idea is to encourage you to make time everyday to write regardless of what you end up writing. I dont know when the next one is running, they arent every month.

  4. Happy 595 months! 🙂 It’s funny how life works, the older I get the more comfortable I feel in my own skin, the happier I am. I enjoy reading your posts and seeing the lovely pictures you share of your garden. Take Care!

  5. I have enjoyed reading your 101 posts even though I haven’t commented on all of them – sometimes a challenge can trigger unexpected changes of direction by encouraging a closer focus of thought…we shall be watching this space!

    • Hi Cathy
      I have enjoyed the 101 posts I think they have helped me reconnect with the blog and also explore moving out of the comfort of the gardening theme

  6. I hope your possible trip to Beth Chatto’s garden will also include other gardens, either near there or on the journey to/from it. I recently travelled from Berkshire to the southwest to see the Abbotsbury Sub Tropical Garden, The Garden House near Yelverton and RHS Rosemoor (both in Devon), and returned via East Lambrook Manor in Somerset. A very rewarding and refreshing few days.

    • Hi AP
      Yes the visit to Beth Chattos is part of a 4 or 5 day trip with keen plantsmen. The RHS garden (Harlow Carr) is included and a number of private gardens including Ullingswick.

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