In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Happy Place.”:

I haven’t done the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge for a while but this week’s challenge of My Happy Place spoke to me.


I am going through a period of what I call black dog days at the moment.  I have written about it before and amazingly it is one of my popular posts.  Anyway, today has been a challenging day but I managed not to  resort to fleeing home to escape from the strange unknown forces that cause me to feel emotionally at sea.


I am in need of visiting a Happy Place, somewhere quiet where my introvert self can be at peace. It needs to be somewhere outside as fresh air is important to my well-being.  I also find the sound of bird-song soothing so that would need to be factored in and with my love of all things planty there needs to be a good supply of lovely plants.  There are many gardens that I have had the privilege to visit that I have found calming but there is one place that is near enough for me to visit fairly easily and just the drive has the habit of soothing me.  Sadly Stockton Bury is now closed for the autumn/winter period. I know because I checked its opening dates at the weekend;  I obviously sensed that evil black dog nipping at my heels.


So I will have to make do with looking back on photographs from July when it was at its floriferous best.