Fogginess abounds


There are some days when you really wonder if it would just have been better not to have bothered and I think today has been one of those days.

It started, and remained, misty, grey and damp.  The rosemary was positively groaning under the weight, although they probably don’t weigh anything, of the cobwebs all adorned with their glistening baubles of dew.  All very atmospheric and charming if you can stay indoors and admire.

Sadly it’s Monday so it’s back to work down country lanes through mist that gets thicker and thicker.  It may have been fog and someone told me the difference between fog and mist the other day but I can’t remember what that was.  To add to the fogginess of the day I was confronted with a new PC on arrival which for some reason  hadn’t been set up with Microsoft Office so the long story short, and another hard drive later, I finally started work at 3:30 this afternoon!  And then to plunge me further into fogginess I discovered that the new PC came with Office 365 – so new Outlook, Word and Excel! Oh my goodness this is not a good start to the week when I have a number of deadlines jostling for attention, meetings left right and centre, a new work colleague who needs lots of answers as she has a major quick deadline to meet and people chasing responses to emails I had missed as I was, audaciously, on leave on Friday.

And to finish off the fogginess I drove home through even thicker fog – it’s definitely fog now – and had to negotiate a diversion presumably due to an accident all round the back of town along with, it felt, half the local population.  And now….(yes there is more),.. I am off out back into the fog and over the hills, if I can find them, to a local horticultural society meeting because I am the Treasurer and the speaker has to be paid!

I had planned to write something lyrical about mist and dew or alternatively something deep and meaning about the 15th anniversary of the International Space Station but the whole foggy experience has left me too befuddled to write anything worthwhile for day 2 of NaBloPoMo – sorry

12 Comments on “Fogginess abounds

  1. Those are the days I wish I hadn’t gotten out of bed….it is always the way…new computer and projects due. My niece is on her honeymoon and trying to leave London to fly home to Denver but she is stuck there until Tuesday at the earliest due to fog.

  2. Haven’t heard rosemary groan – but love the cobwebs. Usually ours make a buzzing noise with the bees! Hope you sort out your computer! Modern technology – grrr!

    • Very true, there appears to be a tad less fog today, I can see the garden – just

  3. I just got off the phone with my Auntie in England, so I listened to more fog woes, Helen. So sorry you had a bad day. Please stay safe driving in the low visibility. P. x

    • Hi Pam
      Thank you, it is ridiculous just how troublesome fog is but it’s also quiet depressing, all that grey and dampness

  4. Great web photographing weather though! Hope the PC and new programmes are becoming more familiar…

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