Festive Stitching


I am rather pleased with myself for having finished my Christmas sewing projects before Christmas.  I did think I was being somewhat optimistic at one point especially when I got distracted for a few weeks with knitting a poncho.  I wasn’t too ambitious but I wanted something festive and simple which I could occupy my hands with in the evening without having to concentrate too much.  I am really pleased with the little bird photo, he looks like some form of Blue Tit but is actually an American Chickadee, so pretty.


I’ve also done three cards for my nearest and dearest.  Seeing them in the photo I realise that I really should have ironed them before mounting them – opps! They are now under a pile of books to try to flatten the fabric but I am sure they will be fine and the creases won’t be so obvious when they are stood up.

Now they are done I can go back to knitting the poncho….


12 Comments on “Festive Stitching

  1. A very festive picture with the planted container and cheeky looking penguin.
    I think your nearest and dearest will be delighted with the cards with or without the creases.

  2. The chickadee is absolutely adorable, it makes me wonder if I shouldn’t take up embroidery again… How do you find the energy to do it all so well? It’s easy to just throw something together, but to do something well one can’t just skim the surface. You are truly an inspiration, thank you.

    • Hi Luise
      I sew in the evening to relax and clear my mind. Thank you for saying it is done well

  3. This reminds me of when I stitched Raymond Briggs’ The Snowman for my son, I really should get him out and put him on display. Nowadays I stitch typographic cards for my nearest and dearest, less strain on the eyes as I can do it by count rather than following a chart. I’m furiously knitting too – it’s that time of year isn’t it?

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