End of Year View 2015

I thought I would do an End of Year View post instead of an End of Month post so I could see how areas had changed through the year.  Starting with the view up the steps to the shed I am pleased with how the border along the steps has filled out.  At the start of the year there was a Stiga gigantea here but it was a sad specimen and taking up a lot of space.  Removing it last January freed up a lot of space which I have filled with agapanthus, peony and a range of bulbs which need sun and sharp drainage. But I wanted some waftiness up the stairs so late in the year I added some Stipa tenuissima.

The start of the bottom path is one of my favourite places to sit and ponder.  I always think that the photos along here never show it off well but there you go. I want to try to beef up the planting along here, bring in more colour through the year but especially in late summer.

The bottom part of the woodland border looked really good in early Summer but it needs to be improved in Spring especially given that Spring is meant to be the season of interest for shady areas.  This being so I have added lots of narcissus bulbs and I am hoping that next Spring my hard work will be rewarded.

The top of the woodland border has progressed slowly this year; I have to be patient and let plants establish and fill out.  Again I have added narcissus in here and there are signs of them coming through.

The final view I am including is along the grass path.  I started the year umming and arhing about whether to replace the grass with something else but I think the grass is a nice counterfoil to the plants and my cat likes it so ….  I want to improve the planting at the start of the path and have started to do this with the addition of Anemanthele lessoniana and repeated it with one towards the end of the path.  I think it draws the eye but also starts to soft the edges.

So that was 2015 in my garden.  I haven’t decided what view will be the focus of the End of Month View in 2016, it needs to be somewhere that photographs well which isn’t the case with much of my garden due to its smallness and the angles needed.

It has been great that so many of you have joined in with the End of Month View meme in 2015 and I really hope that you have found it useful.  I do hope that you will join in again in 2016 and all I ask is that you leave a link to your posts in the comment box of my post for the relevant month and include a link back to my post in your post.  That way we can all connect.

Best wishes for 2016.



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  1. Julieanne says:

    An enjoyable wander through each part of your garden throughout the year Helen. I’m torn between the shed or grass path as a favourite. I the the Grass path just tips it for a wonderful display all year around. But then the bottom path looks so inviting and makes me want to explore and the Woodland borders are so dramatic in their change. Ok, I like all of it. You have such a beautiful garden and it’s always a pleasure to visit it virtually.

    I’ve been missing from EOMV for some months due to ill health, but I have done a #GardeningWithME review of the year, which is here: http://www.gwenfarsgarden.info/2015/12/gardening-with-me-review-of-2015.html. I hope to join you again on EOMV sometime in 2016. Happy new year to you.

    1. Helen Johnstone says:

      Hi julienne
      I’m sorry you have been ill. Thank you for your kind comments, I look forward to seeing more of your garden next year

  2. Lovely. Gardens seem difficult to photograph, but I can just imagine strolling around it with a mug of tea and the proud gardener!

    1. Helen Johnstone says:

      Hi Rachel
      Thanks, I’m awful when people visit as I find it difficult to take compliments

  3. Michele says:

    Always enjoy reading your blog, thank you, and a special thank you to you Helen. My copy of Mister Owita’s Guide to Gardening has just arrived and I now will have some special New Year reading. Also thanks to Kathy who featured on her blog which induced you to read it and pass it along to us lucky blog followers, what are we blogwellers? Have a happy and safe New Year.

  4. Diana Studer says:

    the borders along the grass path are really rewarding the work you put in.


  5. Anna says:

    It’s most informative to be able to compare and contrast photos in a chronological order like that Helen and so much more reliable than trying to recollect using memory alone. Thanks for hosting throughout the year. I’ve not been such a regular contributor this year which I think reflects a lack of time spent in the garden and allotment. I’m not sure whether I will have more time next year but have resolved to try and get myself back in harness! I’m intrigued by the splash of purple in July’s along the garden path view. I’m guessing alliums but am not sure. As always your woodland area is my favourite area but the whole is quite delightful.

    1. Helen Johnstone says:

      Hi Anna
      The purple splotches in July are phloxes

  6. Cathy says:

    I’m always struck by how you lead the eye in various ways in your garden Helen – leaves us wanting to see round the corner! Anemanthele lessoniana is such a pretty addition. Looking forward to seeing your narcissus in the spring!

  7. Alison says:

    Hi Helen – I really like the approach of showing how different areas have develop through the year – it’s very effective.

    I hope you and the boys have a great new year and that 2016 brings you what you wish for.

    My EoMR is here : http://www.blackberrygarden.co.uk/2015/12/end-of-month-review-december-2015.html?m=0

  8. Pauline says:

    I really enjoyed the way you have laid out your different areas, we could see how they have all developed during the year. You certainly know how to lead us along a path or steps, to see what is next around the corner! You might not know it, but you are a garden designer!
    My link is – http://leadupthegardenpath.com

  9. rusty duck says:

    It’s an excellent move to put in two Anemanthele. My single specimen has perched on the side of the bank like a big pink blob from outer space, it desperately needs one or more companions to give it balance.
    As I mentioned in my post, this meme has been invaluable. It really gives us an incentive to develop an area of the garden and to keep it looking good. Many thanks for hosting it again this year Helen.
    Here’s my End Of Year Review: http://www.rustyduck.net/2015/12/31/the-precipitous-bank/

  10. A wonderful review Helen and I love how you followed the garden areas so closely. I am hoping to get better at documenting and keeping tabs on my gardens. Happy New Gardening Year!

  11. I know I’ve said it before Helen however I’m saying it again, your garden gets better and better, the view up to the shed is so nice and the shed adds a nice rustic, country note, taking up most of the lawn and creating more planting areas was a good decision,

    I’ve posted my end of year view, thanks for hosting, Frances

  12. catmint says:

    Hi Helen, I’ve not been a reliable Eomv’er but I’m going to try to do it more often. Your garden has changed so much during the year. So interesting to see it documented like that. Love those curved beds and the curved grass path.

    Here’s my contribution to this meme: http://slowgardener.blogspot.com.au/2015/12/testing-times.html

    Happy new year, Helen.

  13. Helene says:

    Always nice to visit your garden and it was great to see the photos from the whole year showing how the garden has progressed.
    All the best for the new gardening year!

    Here is my End of Year Review:

  14. Yvonne Ryan says:

    Thank you for your Garden Diary! Lovely and meandering! Love the sesonality of it! Mine more static because a green tropical and native garden except for my flowering pots. Tho’ we do have the spectacular red pohutukawa out at present, even if a bit random. They don’t all flower at once. In spring we have beautiful yellow kowhai for the tuis. Many of our flowers are quite small on the trees/shrubs and evergreen. We have had a big rain storm so no watering for a few days. Down south a big drought so hard on the farmers. Also Nelson area had a huge hail storm before christmas and lost 80% of their fruit crops. Who would wand to be a farmer?!!! Happy New Year!!

  15. Anca Tîrcă says:

    I like the idea of an End of Year View 2015 and the way you showed us areas of your beautiful garden. Happy 2016!

    My EoMV: http://timpingradina.blogspot.ro/2016/01/end-of-month-view-december-2015.html

  16. Hi Helen, your garden is stunning with such a wide range of interesting plants. I see in one of your Feb pictures your cat likes to sleep on the back of the sofa…. Just like mine do. 🙂

  17. Cathy says:

    I don’t remember you being awful when we visited, Helen… 😉 You must be thrilled to look back at the above collages and see how much your garden has changed in 12 months – in fact it is hard to believe that it it IS only 12 months as it has fille out again and burgeoned brilliantly in that time. Lovely, lovely 🙂 My link is here:
    ps pleased to read you are continuing the EOMV meme after all

  18. Whoops, I nearly forgot to post my link! https://wordpress.com/stats/day/edinburghgardendiary.wordpress.com
    Sorry I’m late as usual, Helen. I have so much enjoyed following your EOMVs throughout 2015 and it is wonderful to see them collated like this, we can really see the changes and you have worked so hard.

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