My Garden This Weekend – 7/2/16


What a glorious morning we have had today especially given that yesterday we had at least 14 hours of non-stop rain.  Having spent yesterday feeling sorry for myself with a bit of  head cold and a blocked ear which has affected my balance a little, I only went outside this morning to see how the garden had stood up to the wind and rain.  Two hours seemed to pass in the blink of an eye and I only came in when my fingers were becoming painfully cold.


There is something quite special about the sun in the early spring especially after gloomy days and it has a wonderful ability to really illuminate the early spring bulbs and the hellebores.  I have said many times before that Spring is my favourite season especially in the garden.  I enjoy the real thrill of spotting something starting to flower which seems to be so much more intense at the start of the year when we are desperate for reassurance that the winter is retreating.  Not that we have had much of a winter this year.


The mild weather over the last few months has led to a strange mix of plants flowering.  I was very surprised to have my attention caught by a flash of red and on investigation discovered that Anemone pavonina was flowering probably at least two months early.


But then again some plants have stuck to their normal timings. Hamamelia x intermedia ‘Arnold Promise’ is a good example of a plant doing what it is meant to do at the right time regardless.  I have been watching this shrub for some weeks.  Last year it had only three flowers on the whole shrub.  After a bit of research I concluded that the plant was too dry probably due to the neighbour’s sycamore roots; so after a long period of rain I gave it a heavy mulch to try and lock some moisture in and I made sure I watered it during dry spells in the summer.  The plant has rewarded me with a full covering of flowers which are all just opening – how lovely!


Having taken some photos I pottered around cutting back the deciduous grasses and the ferns which had gone  over as well as collecting other debris from around the garden. Then with the sun still shining and not feeling too bad I decided to sow some seeds from the local HPS seed exchange.  To be honest I have no idea what half of them are, I think they might be shrubs as I seem to remember requesting these as I have a fancy to grow some shrubs maybe for a future garden, not that I have plans to move, but its good to have a challenge.


Finally, having been thrilled with the Hamamelia flowering I was just as thrilled to discover three flower stems on the Melianthus major; two more than last year.

It always amazes me how uplifting  a couple of hours in the fresh air pottering around can be.

Author: Helen Johnstone

I live in Malvern, Worcestershire and am a very keen gardener. I started the Patient Gardener Blog in January 2008 as a way of recording what was happening in my garden and connecting with other like-minded people. I started a second blog PatientGardener 365 January 2013 in order to try and post a photo a day to capture what is growing in my garden or places I have visited

15 thoughts on “My Garden This Weekend – 7/2/16”

  1. Oh I wish I could get outside! My garden is still a quagmire with another amber weather warning for wind and rain tonight. Spring can’t come soon enough for me.
    Fabulous that the Melianthus got through winter, although as you say it hasn’t been that cold.

    1. Hi Jessica
      I couldn’t do much in the actual garden as also a quagmire despite the slope. Flood warnings here too

  2. Pottering around in the garden in the spring is one of the best feelings. I love that top picture of the snowdrops, they look so cheerful.

  3. Hi Helen – I love the snowdrops photo – so fresh – so ‘springy’! i indulged myself and watched 4 old Gardeners World programmes at my friends on the weekend. They are 2 or 3 years old but I learnt quite a bit. Always lovely to see Monty Don and Carol pottering about! I don’t have Sky so unable to see and record. John is not a gardener but put up with me watching. when he comes to my place I have him carrying the coffee bags up the hill. His board! Summer still here 26/28 every day. Can’t swim today as pool being given a very good clean and the big pump that they are using very noisy. All in a good cause. Very early and late tides today so will have an evening swim. Nice to have shorts and singlet weather!!

  4. I love the fact that February is “early spring” where you are and that you have flowers in bloom. Early spring won’t get here for another two months. My outdoor activity at this time of year is shoveling snow.

  5. The Galanthus elwesii look fantastic! Your garden is looking great this month. Here in Australia the summer has been very hard on the garden with barely any rain. I look forward to when my galanthus emerge later this year.

  6. Yes, I have been caught out by disappearing time on several occasions recently and on one occasion it left me quite disorientated, as if I had been in another world somehow! Glad to read that your Arnold Promise is flowering well and that the mulch was successful – after you mentioned it before I mulched the one of mine that didn’t really flower last year (nor this), and will be mulching my Ruby Glow with ericaceous compost to see if that has an effect on the flower colour which is not as it should be.

  7. Id like to get out in the garden to ammend my soil, but the sun has disappeared and it is quite chill on the coast this morning. How lovely to see what is happening in your garden! I will have to content myself with watching the cedar waxwings in my bird bath!

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