Notes from the Garden – 26/3/2016

Euphorbia x pasteurii 'Phrampton Phatty'

Euphorbia x pasteurii ‘Phrampton Phatty’

It seems as though we are due another wet Easter but at least yesterday was a gloriously sunny day.   The media is full of Easter being the weekend when people start to engage with their gardens which always surprises me as I have been engaged with mine all winter; but I suppose I am in the minority.

Narcissus 'Geranium'

Narcissus ‘Geranium’

The daffodils and narcissus are really coming into their own now. I was surprised at the reaction to me showing you Narcissus ‘Rip Van Winkle’ last week as I thought it was quite a well known narcissus.  So I thought I would follow up with this week’s favourite Narcissus ‘Geranium’.  It is a beautiful strongly scented tazette narcissus with on average three flowers per stem.


Having spent the morning decorating it was a relief to get outside into the fresh air and make the most of the opportunity before the forecast rain came.  I have crowded my head with so many ideas and plans that it was a delight to just potter around the garden tidying up and weeding.  I found no less than 8 flower stems on the Epimedium ‘Egret’ ready to flower within the next week when the sun returns which is very exciting as there was only one flower stem last year.  Working my way through the border reminded me that the planting isn’t so bad and maybe coming up with grand plans during the winter isn’t the best idea!

IMG_4340 1

Despite the season seeming to settle down there are still some plants which have decided to flower early such as this Honesty – I think it is Lunaria ‘Corfu Blue’.  I’m a little vague as it’s a chance seedling which has decided to plant itself by the wood store but whatever it is its very welcome.


And now a little boosting but I was so thrilled to receive a mention in this week’s Women’s Weekly that I cannot help myself. So if you have found yourself here from reading the magazine then you are very welcome. Now with the weather looking set to stay wet for the rest of the weekend I think its time to go back to the sewing.

IMG_4347 1

14 Comments on “Notes from the Garden – 26/3/2016

  1. Perhaps the media means Easter is when garden owners rush out en masse to the garden centre? Congratulations on the piece in WW, Helen. I didn’t know botanical drawing was among your many talents.

    • Hi Kate
      Oh it isn’t a talent at all just something I have dabbled in over the years.

  2. Growing several narcissi has meant quite a long flowering period this year. Your close up shows the detail off beautifully

    • Hi Noelle
      You are right I still have some in tight bud and some which will probably open by the end of the week

  3. I used to view Easter as being the start of the season so I don’t know what’s changed in recent years.. the winters getting milder or me getting hardier. Probably a combination of both! Many congrats on the media mention, well deserved Helen!

  4. Congratulations on your feature! It is well deserved. I also liked seeing an update on your embroidery – I have to admit the owl panel is still my favorite! Enjoy your Easter weekend!

  5. Congratulations on your website being mentioned in the Women’s Weekly, much deserved. I’ve learnt a lot from your posts.

  6. The weather has certainly proved rather wet today but Friday was just ideal for gardening. That euphorbia is most attractive but oh what a tongue teaser. Many congratulations on the mention in WW Helen. The lunaria is ‘Corfu Blue’ 🙂

  7. Hope you had the same unexpectedly sunny day yesterday as we did, Helen – before last night’s persistent and heavy rain which has turned to snow as I write! I heard that comment about people engaging with their gardens again on GW on Friday and thought the same thing although like Jessica I am aware that this hasn’t always been the case. Well done for your mention – and for your progress with the embroidered panel which is looking lovely

  8. Like you , we garden all through the year, weather permitting, of course….I am a keen collector of Euphorbia, and was most interested to see Phrampton Phatty, it looks very similar to Mellifera? is it as tender? obviously grows to a great height?
    Love Narcissus Geranium, forgotten how much I liked it….honestly is popping up all over the garden this year, have not the heart to pull it out…
    I do admire your sewing, I am useless with a needle……many congratulations on the feature in Womans Weekly…

    • Hi Angela
      I have had the Euphorbia probably 3 years so 2 winters but it hasn’t been very cold. It’s from Pan Global and Nick Macer describes it as Mellifera on steroids!! I’m sure I read somewhere that it is hardier than mellifera

  9. Hi Helen from ‘DownUnder’ – In Auckland we are still experiencing 25 degree celcius days! Although can feel a bit of Autumn in the air! STILL swimming in 25/26 degree pool! Yea! We race off to the Garden Centre also altho’ I managed to hold off! Cleared lots of leaves and mess from last weeks storm. Nice to have no wind again! I am taking the last of my beans out today and have a tidy up in veg garden. Want to plant beetroot and fennel and sugar snap peas at least. Still picking tomatoes and the beans on top garden still beaning! Fejoas that spelling looks wrong – need picking up daily (you wait to fall) so birds can’t have a meal! They are so yummy. Apples and pears have been pretty productive and Cherry has been cooking up and freezing for her B&B guests. Enjoy your spring – your garden is looking nice and tidy – hard work! The layout looks good!

    • Hi Yvonne
      Your garden seems to be very productive, you must be really pleased. Its been windy here too which I hate but it has settled down abit now thank goodness.

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