Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – April 2016

Primula denticulata

Primula denticulata

The garden is sparkling with colour, lots of spots of colour much like an impressionist painting and I have to say that this is certainly my garden’s best season.  The colour and shimmer is created from lots of small flower heads in a myriad of pastel colours.  So for this month’s Garden Bloggers Bloom Day post I thought I would zoom in on my favourite flowers this week.

Narcissus Baths Flame

Narcissus Baths Flame

Alot of the colour comes from the various Narcissus which I add to every year.  This year’s new additions include Narcissus Baths Flame which I am rather taken with.  The petals are a buttery yellow, very soft when you compare them to the hard yellow of the obligatory large trumpet daffodils that you see in public planting.  The flowers glow as the light fades and I think that is because of the whiteness of the petals.

Narcissus Sailboat

Narcissus Sailboat

Narcissus Sailboat is another new addition and it definitely reinforces my preference for the paler narcissus; I do like the slightly yellow trumpet.



Narcissus Thalia

Narcissus Thalia

Narcissus Thalia is an almost pure white – very pure.

Narcissus Cheerfulness

Narcissus Cheerfulness

Narcissus ‘Cheerfulness’ is my favourite double narcissus, it has the most wonderful scent which you catch as you are weeding away in the border.  I prefer the single daffodils and I really dont like the blousey over breed narcissus which seem to popular at the moment.

IMG_4488 1

As the narcissus go over the tulips start but sadly I only have three tulips in the borders this year.  I haven’t planted them for a few years due to badger damage but these three have persisted year on year and are very pretty.  I have decided to risk them again next year as we haven’t had a visit from the badger for a couple of years now.

Imperial fritillary

Imperial fritillary

A lot less elegant than the narcissus is the Imperial fritillary.  This is the first year I have grown them and I am a little disappointed that the plants don’t seem to have developed a tall stem for the flowers as you would expect. I have two from different sources and both have done the same so maybe it is a result of the weather.

IMG_4515 1

I always forget the Leucojum vernum and are surprised when I first spot their nodding flowers thinking at first they are late snowdrops.  The clump has been planted for some years now and is expanding very slowly; maybe I will invest in some more and create a bit of a drift.

Anemone Bourdeux

Anemone Bordeaux

Anemone ‘Bordeaux’ is a very recent acquisition.  I was seduced by the almost velvet flowers which are working very well with the ageing flowers of Helleborus Anna’s Red and also Euphorbia ‘Ascot Rainbow’.  I really hope it reappears next year.

IMG_4557 1

Not all the colour is from bulbs or primulas as the blossom is beginning to appear.  This week Amelanchier decided to start flowering picking up the blossom of Prunus kojo-no-mai and will soon be joined by the large unknown Prunus that dominates the garden at this time.

Thank you to Carol over at May Dream Gardens for hosting this meme.

22 Comments on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – April 2016

  1. Beautiful images, Helen. It is interesting that you think this is your garden’s best season … I liked it very much when I saw it last autumn for your many late season treasures and exotic looking foliage. If we were having coffee in it now I’d ask if you planted it to look at its best right now. Or did you start it in spring? Perhaps you have a penchant for blooms and blossom?

    • Hi Kate
      That’s interesting, I always feel disappointed with the garden in summer. I think it looks good now as I have a love of bulbs so I have probably invested more in bulbs than any other group of plants.

  2. I was tidying up my pots today and feeling how my bulbs are doing. Some popping up – tempted of course to buy more!!

    • Hi Yvonne
      I think that is why there are lots of flowers in my garden at the moment as like you I succumb to buying more bulbs in the autumn

  3. My plantings of N. ‘Thalia’ and ‘Sailboat’ are both clumping up nicely and I adore your new anemone. Did you plant it as a corm or in growth this spring? I bought one small pot of A. Nemerosa Sissinghurst White (from Sissinghurst) last spring and it’s yet to put in an appearance. I’m enjoying the over the fence amelanchier right now!

    • Hi Homeslip
      I only bought the anemone about 3 weeks ago, in full growth. I find they establish much better if you plant them in growth rather than as dried corms

    • Hi Angie
      Sumptuous is a good description.

  4. I’m finding that I like the paler daffodils best, too! Thanks to your lovely photos, I believe I have also been able to identify some of my daffodils that came in a mixed bag. That anemone is really striking, isn’t it?
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Linnae
      I tend to look at the bulb company websites when I am struggling to identify my daffs.

    • Hi Frances
      Spring is definitely when the most treasurers appear in my garden, I must work on the rest of the year

  5. You have chosen some really special Narcissi Helen, you could change my view of them single handed. I’d happily grow any one of those.

    • Hi Jessica
      I get them from Avon bulbs, a few new ones each year

  6. I too am impressed by the anemone and I hope you show it with Anna’s Red and Ascot Rainbow soon – sounds a delightful combination. With this year’s wedding flowers experience I was interested in your comment about buying as a plant rather than a corm

    • Hi Cathy
      I took a picture of the anemone open today, will post on Wednesday, the flowers are bigger than hellebores! Both cyclamen and anemone establish better when planted on the green, they don’t do very well when dried out

  7. Marvellous photos. I think you’re a bit too critical of the fritillary! I think the meleagris can take a couple of years to really come into its own, so maybe it’s the same for the imperial?

  8. I like the pale or white Narcissus as well. Do you think the crown imperial needs another year to attain the height you expected? I think that is often the case with these talll plants.

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