End of month view and time-out


I’m afraid it’s a short and sweet (hopefully) end of month view post from me this time. I have decided to take some sort of break from the blog for a while but the end of month meme was upsetting my plan so at the last minute I have decided to post some pics of Hugh’s border which as you can see is looking very lush at the moment, though the pink Sweet Rocket (I think ) aren’t what I planned and will be shortly replaced by some Crocosmia Lucifer which will tie in better with the rest of the planting here.


The reason for my sabbatical from the blog is nothing more sinister than work commitments. My new role is developing rapidly and as I said to the Vice Chancellor today there isn’t much of a curve in my learning curve! But it is exciting and I am enjoying the challenge and learning loads. However I am working longer days and to be honest the last thing I want to do when I get home is look at a screen or try to write something even vaguely interesting – before this new role the blog was one of the only outlets for my whitterings and thoughts; now I have to write numerous policies and reports so I have no energy for the smallest of whitterings. All I want to do with my spare time is potter, mainly in the garden, and sew.

So instead of making myself blog because I feel guilty for not blogging I thought I would take some time out for an undefined period of time. I don’t want to say I will stop blogging or make some grand announcement, but I didn’t want anyone thinking the worse.

Author: Helen Johnstone

I live in Malvern, Worcestershire and am a very keen gardener. I started the Patient Gardener Blog in January 2008 as a way of recording what was happening in my garden and connecting with other like-minded people. I started a second blog PatientGardener 365 January 2013 in order to try and post a photo a day to capture what is growing in my garden or places I have visited

27 thoughts on “End of month view and time-out”

  1. Helen – that is both exciting and sad. Exciting to hear about your developments at work. Sad that we won’t be seeing you around for a while. I think that resting and peacefully enjoying your own garden and friends when you’ve done a long day’s work is much more important than blogging. I don’t know how people who have full-time jobs manage to blog. I certainly wouldn’t have done it when I worked full time (especially as my job involved a computer screen)! So, congratulations, and thanks so much for hosting this meme. It’s a good one, which I have only rarely taken part in.

    The garden looks great, too, in the pictures you have had time to post and I’m sure it will go from strength to strength. Hopefully we will see more of it in the future?
    You, Helen, don’t have to bother reading my post, but in case anyone else is interested, my EoMV is here: https://gardendreamingatchatillon.wordpress.com/2016/05/30/end-of-month-view-may/
    Also – if the meme needs a new home somewhere (and no one else volunteers) I’d be happy to host it.

  2. I can completely understand the need for a time out…when I was working it was hard to write and work and have a life….and even in retirement I find less time to blog with gardening and other ventures…enjoy your time away and the new job…the garden is looking gorgeous as always!

  3. Glad you managed to host one last End of Month View. I did manage to join in this month.
    This is a very popular meme and one which I am sure will continue. You are right to take a break – blogging takes so much time, both reading and writing. It is a great thing to do when we have that time, but it should never become a chore. Hope to see you again, though, once your job settles down. Meanwhile, I hope you can relax and enjoy your garden this summer.

    1. Hi Annette and Cathy
      Sorry I must have misrepresented my thoughts, I’m not necessarily intending to give up the meme it was more a case of having to have a break but there was a meme post due. It’s hard to give up the meme having spent so much effort promoting it over the years so I suspect if I don’t do anything else I will still do the meme

    2. I don’t seem to be able to reply to Helen’s comment about the meme – so replying to Annette and echoing her words. That’s great news Helen. I will enjoy seeing your garden once a month at least!

  4. Hi Helen, good luck with the new role at work, it sounds an exciting challenge. I imagine it is very hard to keep finding nonexistent time for blogging in your busy schedule, however, I shall miss your wise words, humour and salient comments, if you’re free later in the summer when/if pressures ease off do pop in for tea and cake, we’d love to see you. Kate x

  5. Helen, I can quite understand how you feel. Blogging is a huge undertaking for anyone, but when you have a busy and responsible job too it must be well nigh impossible. I hope you will have more time to properly enjoy your garden.
    This meme has been such a useful thing for me. So much so that irrespective of what you decide to do I will carry on with the monthly posts. They are such a great discipline. Thanks for hosting and coming up with such a great idea!
    Take care.
    Here is my link: http://www.rustyduck.net/2016/05/31/the-front-line/

  6. I’m very glad you’re keeping the meme going, I really look forward to it every month. I’m glad to be retired now; work takes up a huge chunk of your life and if you are finding it challenging but still enjoying it then it has to take priority. I count myself lucky to have been in a similar frame of mind for most of my working life, if not right at the end.
    Your garden’s looking lovely. I grew Honesty this year which created a similar effect to your rocket. I have been trying to eradicate Lucifer for ten years or more. Flowers for a week, falls over, seeds absolutely everywhere. I like it well enough in other peoples gardens!
    My EOM piece is https://gardenruminations.wordpress.com/category/end-of-month-view/

  7. Enjoy your new job – sounds interesting!! I do like seeing your English garden with its changing seasons. Mine tends to be rather static with its tropical planting. I do have lots of pots so I can enjoy bulbs eg in spring etc. I am still trying to turn concrete hard clay into a more friable soil. Now a gooy mess as lots of rain – winter has STRUCK – Two weeks ago 19/21 degrees and suddenly down to 12/13 degrees and maybe if lucky up to18 degrees – a shock to the system. Winter jerseys now being worn! Yes a good idea if you only post a few photos! Don’t forget your lovely garden seat to ‘Smell the Roses’!

  8. It’s good to see the garden looking so well and to hear you are enjoying your new responsibilities, even if they leave little energy for blogging. I’ve just posted for the first time after a six-week break during my mother’s passing, and am also wondering if it requires too much energy; energy that might be used in more productive ways. I’m looking forward to a visit to Somerset next week, though, and hope to recoup some enthusiasm.

  9. You will of course be missed Helen, but I am sure that most of us who post EOMVs will continue to do so as it forms such a useful record of our gardens. And I am so pleased that you are becoming increasingly empowered and confident taking on these new challenges; your boss has clearly recognised your strengths and has had the foresight to nurture you and lead you gently by the hand. Well done Helen and best wishes as you move forward into further unknown territories.
    My post is here:

  10. Great garden views, Helen. Enjoy this special place you have created. It will have even more value now when your working day has changed. Blogging is there for when we have time to share. When you have been doing it as long as we have its difficult to drop it completely. Wishing you a great summer 🙂

  11. I can wholly appreciate your position right now, I too am toiling to find time to blog because of work and other personal matters. Like you was feeling a tad guilty about not posting. I could not though miss out my EOMV post as it’s one of the most valuable recording methods I’ve found for my garden plans.
    Hugh’s border is looking great but there is always one plant that just doesn’t do quite how we hoped isn’t there? I hope the new job continues to excite and delight you. We’ll see you when we see you.

  12. I understand what you mean about work commitments: as a freelancer, I find mine really ebb and flow. So keeping a blog like this going must start to feel like a chore when all you want to do in your spare time is garden, and sew!

    Glad to hear you’re still going to keep up with the meme—especially as I’m away this month and not able to take part!—and hope to see your return to blogging, should your workload ease up, and should the urge to do so strike you.

  13. Congratulations on the new role Helen. Totally understand the need for a break from the screen. And at this time of year, it’s nicer to be in the garden than to write about it.

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