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Iris hollandica 'Autumn Princess'
Iris hollandica ‘Autumn Princess’


Note to self: plant more of these for next year amongst the grasses.

I really discovered Dutch Irises a few years ago but last year the penny dropped that you really need to plant them amongst grasses or grassy looking plants which will support the flowers but also hide the long stems. Whilst the whites, yellows and blues are nice I just adore the colours and tones on this variety, they light up the border in a most elegant way.

IMG_5295 1

I have re-introduced Lupins in the garden this year having not grown them for years mainly because of the tatty state of the leaves as the flowers fade.  I had forgotten how beautiful the young fresh leaves can be and what an interesting addition they make to the border.  I am also really pleased with the colour of the flowers as they were an impulse buy at the local garden centre back in the Spring when I was looking for some strong colours for the borders.

IMG_5300 1

Last year I became quite obsessed when visiting a nearby garden with the large block of poppies that were about to open.  I just love the hairs on the buds especially when they are back-lit.


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  1. Thanks for the tip about the best way to grow irises, I’ll remember that!

  2. Eddi Reid says:

    I have a hard time choosing any plant as a favorite but adore all irises. I did have some pop up in amongst soft tall grasses and you are right – they looked lovely. It would be fun to plant even more because they are so fleeting.

  3. Brian Skeys says:

    Good luck with the Dutch Iris, I have planted Apollo twice, it hasn’t comeback either time. Whats the secret?

  4. rusty duck says:

    The colours in that Iris are lovely.

  5. Søren says:

    My favourite thing about lupins is the way they collect water droplets at the centre of their leaves; it can be such a beautiful sight on a bright summer morning, that single drop of water, surrounded by fresh green leaves…

    1. Roger Brook says:

      Is that a leaf hopper on the lupin?

    2. Helen Johnstone says:

      Hi roger
      I have no idea, am not very good on insects

  6. Good idea of putting the iris amongst the grasses. Your lupin is a great colour, good choice.

  7. That lupin is a stunning colour!

  8. Allotmental says:

    Dutch Iris look great, I’ll grow lots next year 😉

  9. SAN_jeet says:

    first pic is like a giraffe.. beautiful

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