Miscanthus Grassland – Akiyoshidai Plateau, Japan








8 Comments on “Miscanthus Grassland – Akiyoshidai Plateau, Japan

    • Hi Kate

      I have already got a couple in the garden, planted earlier this year. However, I find the monochromness (not sure thats a word) of grasses not really to my taste. I prefer a bit more variety and and texture

    • This is definitely a case of what’s sauce for the goose … you have me smile! I love the winter pallets, calm ochres and graphites, of grasses combined with dried seed heads. Luckily, we, and our gardens, are all different ….

  1. There are a few reasons to why I love my job, I love being outdoors and I love creating a brilliant garden. But the main reason I got involved in the industry is because I just think that gardens and plants are beautiful. I took a trip a few years ago which lasted about 3 months longer then expected! I took a trip out to Japan so I could look into the gardens as I had always been interested. I loved it that much I extended my stay. I am also planning a visit to go again hopefully just after the new year!

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