As I am hopeless at sticking to things I will not start this post by saying that I intend to participate in Cathy’s weekly In A Vase On Monday meme. Instead I will aspire to take part more than I did last year, which shouldn’t be too hard to achieve!

January is really not the ideal time to try and write a post about a vase full of things from your garden but I have managed to rustle up some Viburnum tinus ‘Eve Price’ which isn’t quite fully open so may be useful next week, or the week after and some Jasminum nudi-florum which to be honest is probably beginning to go over.


The bear ornament is one of what my family call my ‘Christmas tat’ collection which I think is quite rude.  Essentially, every December I seem to acquire one or two Christmassy ornaments to add to my growing collection.  I am rather fond of the bear whose name is Prudence – well that’s what is says on its bottom – and she doesn’t go away in the cupboard after Christmas but usually moves to her non-Christmas quarters in the spare bedroom aka my sewing room.

The vase is a flea market find a couple of years back costing the princely sum of £1 and the light is newish and bought to help me seeing when I am sewing in the evenings.

So that is my first IAVOM post, I wonder how many I will manage this year.  Thanks to Cathy for hosting this meme – you can check out hers and others by visiting her blog via this link