Despite the Odds


There are some things that just seem to defy the laws of probability and my son’s wood store is one; it really should have completely collapsed some years ago.  It was built 6 or 7 years ago before he started his career as a cabinet maker in order to store the green wood that he is frequently gifted for wood turning; the green wood needs to dry out and so needs a good air supply but also to be kept out of the rain.  The wood-store, despite appearances, achieves this – just.  To be fair it was built for a different location on a steep slope and therefore had legs of different length to accommodate the angle; it was square and robust in its first iteration.  However, our old friend the badger was intent on coming under the fence behind the wood store and in the end it was easier to work around the badger than to try to thwart it.  So the wood store was relocated to a flat site and bricks used to even up the uprights and so far, for probably 5 years, it has resolutely remained upright – just.


Each year the uprights and roof lean just a little more and I am sure our cat, who uses it as a landing platform, assist with this. But we cannot rely on the wood store’s resilience for much longer so plans are afoot to relocate what wood is usable and then I get the space for planting. In the meantime careful consideration is being given to what items might be turned for the Etsy shop. For those concerned about the potential wildlife that might inhabit the wood store I am reassure you that we already have another small pile of large logs nearby which are being allowed to rot down and provide a habitat for wildlife.

This post was written in response to the WordPress Photo Challenge theme – Resilient.


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