Week 2 of the Weekly Photo Challenge has indeed been very challenging and I haven’t enjoyed it as much as last week’s.  The theme is ‘Card’.  I have pondered and pondered and I was going to go to the local art shop to take a photo of all the coloured card but I have hurt my arm so am not driving and so no visit to the art shop.

Instead I have dug out my Memory Box and the photograph above is of a selection of cards from my family.  There are birthday cards, Christmas cards, Mothers Days cards.  I don’t keep the cards every year but every so often there is one that feels special or I am feeling particularly sentimental.  My favourites are the ones the boys have made me over the years often featuring flowers whether home-made or downloaded from the internet.  These days being busy men they don’t have time, or I am sure the inclination, to make cards but their bought cards are as special to me as I know they spend time choosing them. Regardless of whether they are made or bought they come with love and that is what really matters.

For more ‘Card’ photo blog posts visit Life and Thyme. Next week’s theme is ‘Awkward’ which actually might be more challenging than ‘Card’!