This meme has made me somewhat obsessive about seeking out something to put in a vase on Monday.  I realised that this was the case when I got quite excited to spot some bergenia flowers when my eldest moved his car yesterday and bored him on the subject all the way to the supermarket he was taking me to (I had hurt my arm so wasn’t driving).

I have to be honest that the bergenias are my neighbours and grow along the edge of their garden when it joins our driveway and are making a bid to engulf the driveway.  Having said that I have quite a few bergenias in the garden, although none in flower at the moment, and I think they are very underrated.  As you can see they have wonderful foliage and are great for providing substance at the front of the border but I get the feeling that the are one of those marmite plants that you either love or hate.

The vase is a purchase from a trip to Hong Kong in my late teens.  The pashmina was a gift from my Japanese pen pal.  We have written to each other for some 35 years, well to be honest it is more a case of Christmas and birthday cards these days; but I didn’t meet up with her on my recent trip to Japan as she lives in the north of the country and I was in the south with little space in the itinerary.

Thank you to Cathy for hosting this meme – check out her post which will have links to other vase posts in the comments box.