Notes from the Garden – 5/2/17


What a glorious treat, two whole days of gardening, in fact the first real gardening time this year.  What with injuring my arm just after Christmas planting a Sorbus in the front garden and the icy or wet weekends January was a very frustrating month.  However, it did allow a lot of time to ponder and plan and to think about possible plant combinations as well as ordering far too many random packets of seeds.  Today, with some freezing weather forecast again later in the week I decided to sow those seeds that need a period of cold to help them germinate.


Whilst sowing the first seeds of the year is quite exciting what is really exciting is finishing the edging of the bottom path to give me more structure and order.  I suspect I wrote previously about the thick wood edging to the Big Border, this weekend narrow wood edging went in on the bottom side of the path. I didn’t want to replicate the thick wood as it would have felt like a channel rather than a path plus I wanted a softer edge with plants tumbling over it. The stepping down of the wood size also reflects the way the garden slopes down. I’m hugely grateful to my eldest son for finishing the edging for me.  The plan is to top dress the path with a thick layer of wood chip.  I pondered about gravel as this would link to the gravel steps that the path runs from but after much debating we decided to go for wood chip as it would work well with the wood edging – although I’m not 100% but we will see.


Today I finally got to tidy the bottom border and re-organise it, putting some of my January ponderings into action.  I decided back last year that this border needed a clearer focus building on the roses already in place so I have decided to add herbs.  There was already a bay standard and purple sage in the border and today I added parsley, lavender, more sage, chives, oregano, and sweet cicely. In addition there are some foxgloves, alliums, dianthus, aquilegias, sedums, and assorted geraniums.  Hopefully, I will eventually get an English style rose/herb border with plants spilling onto the path all using plants already in the garden.

Now to plan for the next gardening day…..

11 Comments on “Notes from the Garden – 5/2/17

  1. Looks as tho’ put in lots of work! Is your bay tree in a pot? It grows huge and suckers like mad here and would be too big for your garden here. Cherry – whose B&B I live in has hers in a pot and gets naturally pruned with her snipping leaves for cooking. summer finally arrived as schools started after their Christmas/summer holidays . Sitting under an umbrella having a coffee looking out at blue blue sky and aout 26/27 degrees. Pool will reach 30c today. Love summer!!! Just was blimmin slow starting with lots of cold Sw winds! Drought declared in Northland and those on tank water in trouble.

  2. I find that cats use woodchip as a toilet, but maybe you don’t have so many feline visitors as I do. Mostly they just use my whole garden as a litter tray….

    • I have a cat who is very territorial so not a problem

    • Hi Brian
      Good point, I might just risk it before spending out on gravel

    • Hi Jessica
      Its only cold as you have been in the heat of Oz

  3. Hi Helen
    Just want to drop in and say how much I love reading your Blog. I’ve lurked around for a couple of years but I don’t think I’ve ever commented before. I am so impressed by all you have done in the Garden in the time I have followed you, and the Garden has gone from strength to strength. I do hope your arm is feeling better. The rewards of being a gardener are wonderful but oh! the pain in the process!
    I see from David Marsden at the Anxious Gardener, that he is/was looking for leads to new Garden blogs it has made me think more about linking to other blogs so I hope you don’t mind but I have added a link to you on my Blog
    Best wishes

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