Musings from the sofa


Yes from the sofa as I have been incapacitated since Tuesday and spent every day stuck on the sofa wary of any movement which might cause me excruciating pain.  It all goes back to an injury I incurred when planting a new Sorbus in the front garden just after Christmas coupled with a long term problem with tension knots in my neck.  I have been for treatment at the osteopath and things were improving however for some reason it got worse over the weekend resulting me feeling physically sick with the pain on Tuesday morning and a trip to the doctors.  Anyway, several packets of powerful pain killers and anti inflammatories later things are slowly easing and hopefully I will go back to work on Monday albeit probably reduced hours and with a lift rather than driving.


I don’t think I have ever experienced such pain and for 24 hours it seemed impossible to find a position sitting, lying or standing which didn’t lead to me whimpering.  Whilst I have called this post Musing from the Sofa I don’t think I did a lot of musing until yesterday. I slept a lot or stared at whatever was on Netflixs – fading in and out partly from exhaustion and partly due to the strength of the tablets. I haven’t been able to eat properly as I couldn’t sit up long enough to eat a proper meal so I have eaten lots of rubbish like chocolate and biscuits but there has to be a bonus somewhere in all this.

Iris Cantab (probably)

Iris Cantab (probably)

I knew I was in a bad way as I had no interest in the garden, reading or surfing the net but the other day when the sun decided to shine I noticed a small blue thing in one of the borders.  At first I thought it was some sort of rubbish maybe a sweet wrapper but yesterday the pain had eased sufficiently for me to shuffle round the garden.  I was thrilled to discover that the blue splodge seen from the sofa was an Iris.  It is probably Iris ‘Cantab’ as I have had a number over the years and last year I decided to plant out the contents of various pots of bulbs in the borders.  The trouble with iris reticulata is that they aren’t very reliable on producing a second year’s worth of flowers so I suspect I was fed up with a pot of iris leaves and unceremoniously tipped it up on the border.

Hepatica nobilis

Another thrill came from spotting flowers on the Hepatica nobilis which are starting to bulk up having been planted a couple of years ago.

Hepatica nobilis

Hepatica nobilis

I have since grown some from seed which are planted out in another border and I am waiting to see if they will flower for the first time this year.


Another delight today on my second excursion into the garden, this time with camera in hand, were the first daffodils.  I suspect these are February Gold but that is just a guess as they were already growing in the garden when we took it on.  However, they are always the first to flower every year. Whilst I’m not that keen on the big trumpeted daffodils at this time of year it is great to see any sign of Spring.

Eranthis 'Grunling'

Eranthis ‘Grunling’

Whilst the snowdrops are looking fabulous, there are so many in the garden now that my new neighbour even commented on them,  I get more of a thrill from spying the Eranthis coming into flower.  Eranthis ‘Grunling’ is bulking up well – you can tell it is ‘Grunling’ as it has a green stripe on the petals.  However Eranthis ‘Schwefelglanz’ which I have had as long is being a little slower to bulk up.  It is in a shadier position than ‘Grunling’ so maybe that the reason or maybe ‘Grunling’ is generally a stronger plant.

Eranthis Schwefelglanz

Eranthis Schwefelglanz

I am hoping that by next weekend I will be able to garden properly and sew again. But for now I will have to content myself with musing from the sofa.

16 Comments on “Musings from the sofa

  1. Oh, my goodness, I know about that sort of pain! Rest well, but remember not to sit too still, in case you seize up – which is what I’ve done in the past, so I know!

  2. Hope you’re feeling better soon. The suggested wisdom for getting reticulata iris to bloom more than once is to plant them deeply – Broadleigh Bulbs suggest a depth of eight inches. Mine are planted about six inches deep in a raised bed, and are flowering the fourth year in a row.

  3. Oh no Helen, that sounds grim. I’m glad you’re feeling better than you were. I planted some hepatica seeds, the year after you did I think, so I’ll be interested to see if yours bloom. Mine are in leaf, they have been all winter, but I see no sign of flower buds yet. Take care, don’t overdo it.

  4. I had similar pain a while back, Helen and really sympathise. What worked for me was visiting a chiropractor for two sessions. I still occasionally get problems in my neck/shoulder but now know how to deal with them when they threaten to come back. Get well soon, D

  5. Ouch – that does sound rather nasty Helen. I hope that you are on the mend. My first year with ‘Eranthis ‘Schwefelglanz’ and I’m besotted. I planted it in the green last winter and hoped to order more from Avon Bulbs but they are now selling it when dormant. Will just have to be patient.

  6. I sympathise with you about pain. My wife broke her arm very badly six weeks ago and the pain has curtailed any travel of consequence. So touring our own garden becomes a therapy. And there’s much to see. As there is in yours. I note you have a hepatica flowering. Sadly we have no hint of flower in any varieties as yet. Yours look very spectacular indeed. The daffodils look like “February Gold”. We have them just coming out, beating the supposedly earlier “Rijnveld’s Early Sensation”. And one thing my wife has used to ease the pain and allow her to exercise a hand that is completely useless at present is a bag full of dried beans, heated in a microwave. I tried it yesterday for a stiff shoulder and it worked for me. Good luck.

  7. Sounds like Patients need Patience!!! If your body is saying it is in pain BE PATIENT!!!!!! If sunny sit on your garden seat with a cuppa or glass of wine and just look!!!!!!

  8. Oh, so sorry to hear you’re in pain. I sprained my ankle recently, what I thought was very badly, and felt very sorry for myself: but a week and a half later I’m back digging so it clearly isn’t in the same league as your own. I hope you’re feeling fit for your return to work today; do take it easy, painkillers or no painkillers.

    What lovely heralds of spring you’ve got in your garden there. In my rush to spot snowdrops I forget how lovely the form of winter aconite can be. I especially like the idea of Grunling, where it rewards you with closer attention by revealing the green stripe as you approach it.

    (And I was thinking of your Hepatica nobilis flowers “that’s an odd-looking hellebore” – so now thanks to your blogpost I’ve figured out they’re related!)

    Get well soon. The garden will wait a little longer, buoyed up as it seems to be by all your efforts in previous years.

  9. I am glad you managed to struggle outside to reacquaint yourself with the garden and take thes lovely photogaphs. The injury has certainly knocked you back and it is clear how much pain you have been in. Take care, and get well soon, Helen

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