Continuing with the stuck in the sofa theme of the last post my Vase On Monday isn’t a vase but a potted Hippeastrum.

I love Hippeastrums, or Amaryllis as we used to call them. They remind me of my aunt’s mother who always had a very tall leggy red one by her chair by the fire. They always had a knitting needle or two stuck in the post to support the flower heads with lengths of wool holding everything together.


To be honest my supports haven’t progressed much. The knitting needles are now garden canes and the wool twine.

The cards are from my sons birthday on Valentines Day – not a great day to have a birthday if you want to go out for a family meal to celebrate.

Thank you Cathy for hosting this meme which I am trying, very hard, to do each week although I missed last weeks ☹️