The Blossom is Go!

How did the garden get away from me so much already?  It might look nice in these photos but lurking in the borders is an army of Hairy Bittercress, Creepy Buttercups and Nettles. I’m normally well on top of things in the garden, and often twiddling my thumbs waiting for the weather to warm up so I can get sowing. However, with my shoulder and neck problems I have lost so much gardening time this year and since I have started to feel better the weather has been against me or I was focussing on sorting out the front garden – which I am rather chuffed with by the way. It feels like the spring blossoms have exploded overnight and the air is full of the slow lumbering hum of honey bees.

I keep saying it but I remain amazed by the amount of light pouring into the garden now that my new neighbours have cleared the boundary line and chopped down a whole load of trees.  I was worried about my shady bulbs and whether they would survive with the lack of shade but they seem to be doing well.  Presumably its no different to them growing under deciduous trees in woods and flowering before the trees leaf up.

The back part of the garden is the area where I really need to focus my attentions over the coming weeks.  I have some Amnethela lessionia to add to this border to mirror those planted on the other side of the path. I am trying to bring some cohesion and an identity to the border and I think it is going to focus around the orangey red tones of the grasses.

These photos were taken this afternoon as the sun started to go down behind the hills at the back of the garden. The end of a perfect spring day.

11 Comments on “The Blossom is Go!

  1. I am glad that you are now more confident that losing your neighbours’ trees will be a positive thing for your own garden. I know how you feel about the weeds creeping up on you because, inbetween other more interesting jobs, I keep thinking I will blitz each border in turn, but it hasn’t happened yet! Regardless of any weeds, your borders are looking lush overall, Helen. Hope your neck and shoulder issue has eased considerably

  2. Beautiful, I don’t miss the trees at all, the garden has a whole new openness to it yet still feels enclosed enough to be comfortable.

  3. I would imagine beacuase of the slope- the loss of trees hasnt affected your privacy in the garden- looks very heartening to see all the spring growth!

  4. Your garden looks so tidy compared to what I see outside my windows… And I’m just behind because of laziness, really! Still, even a less-than perfect garden is a wonderful thing, and at least I managed to tidy up 7 square metres of my garden this past weekend – only 1457 more square metres to go! (It WAS the greenhouse, though; it’s not like I just mowed a tiny fraction of the lawn.)

  5. Your garden looks great, it feels like it has been such a long Winter. So nice to be out this Spring! Glad I’m not the only one tackling those creepy buttercups!

  6. I love your garden! It looks so beautiful…
    This is what I love about Spring-the blooming of flowers!:)

  7. I’ve been reading your blogs from the earliest on as I needed to see how gardens were developed. I began with bare ground around a newly built house two years ago. You’ve given me ideas, hope when I felt I might being finicky and courage to change and rechange. I wasn’t going to write until I caught up to current time but I just had to – your garden it just magnificent this spring!!! Thank you for being so honest and open about how you’ve thought and rethought about your garden – I’ve learned so much. Susan

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