An eccentric English day out

The long term readers of this blog will know that I have a quiet appreciation for fast cars particularly of the vintage type so I’m afraid you will need to indulge me today while I share some highlights from today’s outing.

I shared with you last year that the area I live in is quite key in the development of the early motor car and even today Morgan Cars are built in the town I live in. We were thrilled last year to discover that Bromyard, a town some 30 minutes from us, were trying out a new Festival of Speed event and even more thrilled that it was so successful that they repeated the event this year.

Last year was a trial event, this year the word had obviously got out and I know there was more promotion and the numbers were definitely up.  We were surprised last year that nearly everything was free including the car parking and bus transport into the town, this year there was a token charge for parking which is understandable but £5 per car is nothing to pay for a wonderful family day out.

We have been to numerous such events in the past on race tracks but there is something particularly wonderful about the cars racing around this quaint country town which itself seems to be stuck in the past. Whilst the cars can’t get up to high speeds due to the road surface and the tight corners they certainly had a good go down the two straights and I have to say that the sound of vintage cars accelerating is one of my favourite sounds in the world.

Of all the cars we saw I think my favourites are the Austin Healeys, they were last year as well.  Here they are all lined up at lunchtime in the paddock where owners, drivers and members of the public could mingle and chat.

And what better way to end a truly eccentric English day than for a hot air ballon to waft over with its passengers joining in waving at the crowd, who waved up.

3 Comments on “An eccentric English day out

  1. Hi Helen – my mN-FRIEND HAS RESTORED A CX150 1958 jaguar ROADSTER car gorgeous noisy har to drive as a moss gearox all double thw clutdh stuff hRDEST CAR I HAVE DRIVEN INLUING TRUCKS TRACTORS ETCC. SUSPENSION STILL PRETTY HARD HE HAS PUT IN POWER STERING BUT STILL PRETTY HARD TO HAANDLE. WE HEN’T HAD IT TOP SPEED NEED TO GO TO A RADE TRACK FOR THAT HE BROUGHT IT IN FROM AUSA over 30 years ago as a rust ucket an dput his airforce engineering skills to work and it is now testerone red and super smart. I have some nice photos but not sure how to post to you. I am the blonde in the passenger seat so ssuit it. Actually silver hair but that’s ok I wss blode now aaught up an silver blonde.

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