Anemone pavonina

We have been truly spoilt this weekend with temperatures more akin to June than early April.  It has been a wonderful opportunity to get on and sort out seedlings that have overwintered in the cold frame which in turn has made space for seedlings from the greenhouse.The sunshine this weekend has been an early indicator of the changes to the lighting in the garden since the boundary was cleared by my new neighbours.  The greenhouse has seen temperatures up to 36C which in the past have only been recorded in high summer and just shows how much shade there previously was.  I will need to investigate shading options over the coming weeks so I am ready and my plants don’t fry.

Not only is the greenhouse much hotter than previous years but the patio across the back of the house which has always been shady is suddenly sunny.  Of course it is nice to have a sunny patio; the trouble is I have been struggling to find shady places for my seedlings so they don’t wilt in the sun.  What is even more amusing is some of the seedlings were sown two years or more ago, things like peonies and ferns, all for filling shady borders and now I am sowing sun lovers such as eryngiums and dianthus! As my son says at least I get a chance to try some different plants.

Some will recall my staging area made of scaffolding boards and bricks on which I have housed seedlings hardening off and then succulents in the summer.  It has increasingly been annoying me as it always looks messy and I am fed up with all the pots so this weekend, after a massive planting out or potting up exercise, the staging was removed.  I have acquired a small table and two chairs which just need a lick of paint and will be put in this area.  I intend to grow a climbing rose up the fence and surround the table and chairs with large pots of tender exotics which should do well in the increased sunlight. Once it is organised properly I will share a photo.

All in all a lovely weekend, I hope you have been able to enjoy your weekend as well.