In a vase on Monday: Epimediums

This week’s vase is a simple one.  The ‘vase’ was made for me by my eldest son today.  It is essentially a log which he has carved out and filled with an old spice jar.  It is a prototype for something he is exploring doing for a friend’s wedding reception.

It seemed to me that the obvious flowers to put in the vase were epimediums which are so delicate that it is difficult to show them off well in a vase.  They really sparkle in the late afternoon summer and have brought a little bit of the remaining shady garden into the house.

Thank you to Cathy for hosting this weekly meme.




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  1. The wooden vase is a great success!

  2. Søren says:

    That is a VERY cool vase! And considering that some people pay good money for sticks (yes, really: ) I think it would probably even be a commercial possibility. 🙂

    -And the light and airy flowers over the larger leaves and the solid vase makes for a really interesting composition. I like it a lot…

    1. Helen Johnstone says:

      Hi Soren
      I will tell my son, he has an etsy shop, and is trying out new ideas so I am sure he will welcome the feedback

    2. Søren says:

      It definitely looks like something that would go down well on a site like Etsy.

      Can’t you just see it in a cool, hip apartment with no frills and then just a single vase of flowers on a plain coffee table?

      (Sadly I don’t have the tools to copy the idea so I’ll just have to lust for that vase from a long, long distance.)

    3. Helen Johnstone says:

      If my son does end up putting some on etsy I will try to remember to let you know

  3. Love the vase, and you did select the perfect flowers for it. Regarding your son selling this design, I think it also has merit as a planter. I’ve seen a few pieces of wood planted up with ferns, they look lovely!

    1. Diana Studer says:

      planted with a fern – yes that does sound good.

  4. Brian Skeys says:

    A lovely concept, Helen.

  5. Cathy says:

    It is so easy to underestimate the beauty of epimedium flowers when they are surrounded by their leaves, so it is good to see them this way. How many different varieties do you have now? I have used slices of timber like this with holes drilled in to hold test tubes for one of my Monday vases, so the options are endless really. Thanks for sharing Helen

    1. Helen Johnstone says:

      Hi Cathy
      I think I have 13 but I think there are at least two the same! I now turn and walk away from stall when I see them as I really think 13 is enough for a garden my size

    2. Cathy says:

      After reading about yours in the past I have been tempted to add more, but I think I need to get into the habit of trimming back old leaves first as I very rarely see the flowers on the two I have. I have just added one, though, bought from a plant fair recently but have put it in a sink – with tiny dark pink flowers but I can’t remember the name without checking the label

  6. Linda B. says:

    Your vase really shows off how different the various Epimedium flowers can be. Lovely

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