I have been looking forward to this time for a few weeks now – its time for the Camassias to flower.  I love Camassias.  I love their height, the intensity of the blue flowers, their presence in the border. They make a nice change to tulips and I have no idea why more people don’t grow them.

I have had these bulbs for probably 6 years now. They used to be on the back slope but when we put in the workshop they got moved to the Big Border and they have really taken off and are now bulking up well.

Some people complain about the size of the leaves, similar in size to daffodil leaves but thicker and coarser.  In my view, as with any bulbs, you just need to plant them amongst perennials which will grown up and hide the leaves. They also look great with grasses.

I am now thinking I might add some to the front garden, there is certainly enough space.