Malvern Autumn Show

There is something quintessentially English about a flower and veg show that I doubt you could find anywhere else in the world.

I love Malvern Autumn Show as it heralds the start of Autumn, a season I love with its colours ad abundance.

The show as so much to offer for everyone with all the key components of the traditional country show: giant vegetables, tractors, llamas (well this is Malvern), agility dogs – its all at the show to enjoy.

Over the years the horticultural element has increased with a few more nurseries each year but the show is really a country show and my favourite is the Autumn Show marquee.

Here there are a number of shows within a show with various societies having their shows alongside the Malvern open competition.  The quality and number of exhibits never fails to impress.

The embroidery design course I am doing has, I think, given me a new appreciation of textures and colours and I think this comes across in my photos this year.

I found myself attracted to strong colours and interesting foliage.  I loved the vibrancy of these hot dahlias against the dark foliage – stunning.

As for the wrinkly texture of this savoy cabbage – I can see this translated into a textile design.






6 Comments on “Malvern Autumn Show

  1. The photos are wonderful… I also love working with textile design and agree with you about the possibilities of all the wonderful growing things, in and out of our own gardens. Lots of fun, isn’t it?

  2. Superb photos. I was unable to get to the show as I was away on Saturday. Malvern Autumn show is truly spectacular and I love the idea of a stitched cabbage design with all that texture too

  3. Love the photo of the hot dahlias – those colours are stunning. Autumn is such a beautiful season. Although the weather takes a cold turn and we endure endless rain, there really are some beautiful autumnal colours in nature.

  4. Lovely bright coours. We re stll waiting for spring and suddeny a cold snap agan and cold wind. brrrrr. kowhais out in west Auckland so is a sign of sping. Not so many here Some ol patches of bush but unfortunately not very many kowhais. It is quite a big family with trees growing newr th se, inland and mountaians ans north and sou=th island. also some prostrte and others quite large trees. Tuis love them. a kowhai has feherley leaves that a atere[illar loves to eat and strip grrrrr nd the flowers are a lovely yellow an their own form loo it up. netr so our nectar loing naties love them. we plantd about 6 when we replnted the bnk in natives but only a couple doing ok. boo hoo. Some of he bet ones i HAVE SEEEN WERE ROADSIDE PLANTED dont get too big – i in a small town Masterton in the sought aof h ee north island. so pretty lining the streets there there gold flowers inviting the birds to enjoy.Still a few cherry blossoms out in older parts of Auckland and mgnolias of course. daffys mostly finished. I was disspappointed in y lack of bulb flowers and after repotting th==in the autumn also. Better luck next year I hope. I was in Sydney for a few days and they seemed to have a lot of azaleas out. Oh I can see a few bluebells lookig back at me from my terrace must inestigate further tomorrow. HAYYP AND COLOURFUL AUTUMN TO YOU HELEN. YVONNE X HOW IS YOUR FRONT GARDEN COMING ON?

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