Foliage Follow Up

Well lookee here two posts in three days! Anyway, I have been reading gardening posts this last few days especially those from across the pond because I am planning to go to the Garden Bloggers Fling in Austin in May and I want to reconnect with the blogs that inspired me some 9 years ago to start blogging.

One of the first blogs I started reading was Pam’s Digging.  Pam is based in Austin and her blog is very much about foliage plants especially those that thrive in the heat of Austin – lots of Agaves. I was fascinated by the different look of Pam’s garden and continue to find the difference fascinating. Anyway, Pam hosts a Foliage themed monthly blog on the 16th of each month, following on the day after Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, and having spent an hour or two starting to re-engage with the garden I thought I would do a foliage post, albeit 3 days late.

This combination is one of my favourites in the garden.  The Melianthus major IS my favourite foliage plant and I have three dotted around the garden, grown from seed some 5-6 years ago.  I especially love the leaves at this time of year when they sparkle with rain drops or morning frost. The abutilon was acquired three years ago and is thriving so much so that my son can’t see out of his workshop window sometimes.  In the top photo you can see Euphorbia characias ‘Silver Swan’ which I have also had for a few years and has to be heavily pruned from time to time.

To the left of the Euphorbia is Fatsia japonica ‘Spiders Web’, planted at the same time as the Euphorbia. This photo is an indicator of the state of the garden with one plant becoming swamped by another. It’s that fine line between the borders looking full and generous and looking neglected and overgrown.  I need to do some careful editing and some rejigging to give the plants more space but I have plans to gain a little more space by losing the top path which goes nowhere!

I have decided to embrace my love of foliage going forward which should have the benefit of keeping the garden looking interesting through most of the year.



15 Comments on “Foliage Follow Up

  1. Ooh, I love that Abutilon…. don’t suppose you know it’s name..?
    And I’ve been to Austin before, I had the best ice cream ever & got sunburnt feet. (The two were not connected).

    • It may be Kentish Belle, sounds familiar but I can’t guarantee it

  2. The abutilon does look fab. How are you supporting it? I have a very similar one against a wall but it isn’t thriving and needs shifting. Trouble is I have no other wall space. Yours looks to be growing up into thin air, unless it’s tied in to the workshop..

    • It’s growing as a shrub, free standing. I don’t think they need to be grown against a wall

  3. Fabulous, Helen. I’m envious of anyone who lives where they can grow Melianthus major. I’d trade an agave or two for that one! I’m so happy that you’re coming to Austin for Garden Bloggers Fling next May and look forward to showing you Austin’s gardens, including my own. Here’s to foliage!

  4. I agree about melianthus major – THE best foliage plant. A few yeas ago, I planted on section of my garden with plants with coloured foliage – purples. yellows, blues, variegated, etc. When everything else looks brown and grey, the coour in this section stands out.

  5. Your melianthus is fabulous Helen and combines so effectively with the abutilon. I have one albeit much smaller and would also like to try the purple leaved variety. Have your plants ever flowered?

    • One of my melianthus flowered a few years back. It was the most established one in the sunniest position. It I had to move it two years ago so it hasn’t flowered since, am hoping it will flower this winter

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  8. How wonderful that your blog is up and running again! I’ve missed it so, you have the ability to bring us into your garden and life, and it’s been inspiring. Thank you, and I can’t wait to see how your garden develops.

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