It’s all been about the boundaries the last couple of weeks with a new fence along one boundary and tree surgeons sorting out the neglected beech hedge.

I find myself wondering if this is me staking my territory again now that we aren’t moving, bit like a cat. But if I’m honest the fence was on the to do list before we put the house on the market and in fact the old fence was only staying up right as it was tied to the tree.

Who knew it was possible to get so excited by a fence.  I love this fence. It is so solid and robust and I love the colour. It blends in the with garden and isn’t that horrid garish orangey brown you used to get.  If you look in the top photo you can just about see how the angle of the fence as it goes up the garden.  To accommodate the fall of the ground the fence has been made bespoke and has such a better quality to it.  The only mild irritation is the black electric housing which takes the electricity to the workshop.  We have agreed that we will reattach it so it isn’t so obvious.

I’ve taken the opportunity to re-plant the area in the photo above.  This is the first part of the grand plan – well it’s not that grand a plan, just various ideas I have had.  This bit of border has been difficult ever since we moved here.  I have tried various things and the badger has had a good go too. I’ve improved the soil and have moved an Abelia from elsewhere as its such a robust shrub I think it will do well and hopefully thwart the badger.  Like Jekyll I really rate Bergenias as a good foliage and ground cover plants so I have added two to fill this space with wonderful foliage to give interest all year round.  I’ve also added some crocus to the snowdrops that are already in this space somewhere.

In the front garden the tree surgeons have reduced the beech hedge by around two foot in height and trimmed back the sides to improve the whole look of the hedge and make my neighbour’s life easier when they get out of their car. I have been ignoring the hedge and had let it get away from me but now that it has been reduced I think it smartens up the front garden and it should improve the light to that side of the space.

So those are the boundaries sorted – now I have the bit in the middle to do.


7 Comments on “Boundaries

  1. Hi Helen Your new fence is looking good and I also like the colour. The best bergenias I have seen are in a clifftop natie garden newr Wrkworth in a Garden of National Interest She has white ergenias with yellow clivia and native backderrop shrubs. If you ever get to New ealand it should be on your must see list. Oraio or something like that . The lady Bev hss created several amazing Gardens of National interest before – very talented and hard working. You front garden is coming along nicely and love the straight lines your grases aare making quite definitive.look up NZ toi toi not South Americn pampus grasss and you may like to add to your garden also a lot of our flxes frfro litttle 15′ HIGH GREEEN WITH YELLOW FLOWERS TO TALLER ONES WITH RED FLOWERS WOULD GO WELL ALSSO. DONT PUT THE HUGT BROWNY FLX IN THO’ GROWS HUGE AND ONLY GOOD ON BOUNDRIES OF PADDOCKS (FIELDS IN ENGLISH) Our native nectar loing birds loe them. Also have gret seeds for seed loers. Well ai m now starting to think a bit more positively about my 13th garden I have just moved to. ho ho tht is srcastic – my no 2 dughter planted my lime tree tody snd it ws very happy after being in lrge pot for 4 yrars. The lemon she plnted week ago is very happy also. Sherryn also planted a tropivana anna a couple of ntive clemtis an asttrplomeria 9spelling?) and a small euphorbia for me aonly 145 pots to go!!!! AlsTho y broms will not be planted. Surprisinly the soil is better than first thouht. uite good insted of concrete soil. At leasst when i POP MY CLOGS THEY CAN SAY I LEFT BEHIND MANY NICE GARDENS!!!!LOOKED AT MOBILITY SCOOTERS TODAY AS I HAVE HAD TO RETURN MY DRIVERS LISENCE AS DIDNT PASS MY DRIING ASSESMENT. IT’S THE MOS AWFUL HELAPLES AND HOPELESS FEELING TO NOT BE INDEPENDENT. ADVICE DONT’ EVER HAVE A STROKE CN CHANGE YOUR LFE IN S FEW SECONDS!!!!!! I HVE REQUESTED MY DOCTOR TO GET AN APPOINTMENT WITH THE STROKE SPECILIST AS REALLY AND TTRULY CANT IMGING NEVER DRIVING AGAIN. I AM USED TOJUT GOING WHEEVER AI WNT O SUCH AS 5 HOURS DRIVE TO SEE A DUGHTER ON COROMANDEL OVE WINDING SHINGLE ROADSS. ANYWHERE IN BUSY UCKLAND. 60KLMS TO VISIT 3 DUGHTERS ETC. TRAFFFIC IS ONLY A NUISANCE AND NOT SCRY JUT SITTING IN SLOW TRFFIC A PIN.Ai aactully like driving usually go the scenicc ways to absorb our lovely scenery, the harbours and bush etc. Now I wond t be able to drive ajohns SK150 1958 Sports cr either SCREAMMMM CREAMMMMM love having a drive every now and hen and with summer upon us we are going to use it more often booo hooooo. I still haven’t cried since findding I hd to shift from praadise lost my lisence nd not hering birds just bottle it up and get migrains – if ony I ws a cry bby!!!! Hope the frosts kill your bd garden bugs.We don’t get bugs so will have to keep n eye open for them. hven’t had a swim yet but fmily have. Hope being sunny warms the sea up. miss our big 20 metre pool tht was solar heted. Did keep me fitter!!!!!!!!Fresh asparagus for dins tonight as in season and yum and strawberries as in seson also. yVONNE

  2. In the last photo there is a birch and a prunus? I have found that trimming the lower branches back to the main stem to a height of perhaps 4ft gives the trees a stronger presence when the trees are planted in a mixed border, especially in the winter. Love the fence! I found your page recently when looking for the Hardy Plant Soc in Devon

  3. My mother’s garden is being trashed by a badger as well – if you find anything that works, do let me know!
    It’s amazing, sin’t it, how much difference a well-installed, well-designed fence will make. And how much better a background the new preservatives make than creosote!

  4. I think your front garden just looks terrific Helen- I remember your little patch of lawn with beds around it and this new scheme is really so showy in comparison. And how great it looks in fall too. Well done !

  5. Congratulations on reducing your hedge!. In my opinion far too many folk want to hide behind tall hedges. Let people look over and admire your garden!

  6. That was a challenging slope for the fencing contracters – they did a great job Helen! Your front garden is looking wonderful

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