End of Month View: January – Nine Years On

January 2018

Long term readers will know that I have been hosting a meme at the end of each month, unsurprisingly called the End of Month View (or EOMV), for some time.  I was surprised to discover that, apart for some months last year when I took a break from blogging and Steve hosted the meme, I will have been hosting it for 9 years this March.  I started the meme to follow progress in my garden in my second year of blogging and I try to take photos from roughly the same position each month.  I’m thrilled that a number of other garden bloggers have joined in with the meme each using it to suit themselves.

March 2009

I thought it would be interesting this year to compare the garden, through the months, with how it looked in 2009, although I don’t have any comparisons for January and February so you will have to make do with March 2009.  The other challenge is that the garden has changed so much in the intervening 9 years that I can’t quite match the viewpoints.

Jan 2018

March 2009

The observant of you will have spotted that there was a pond.  It lasted for probably 4 or 5 years until I filled it in.  The lesson learnt was just because you have a large hole created from removing a large conifer this doesn’t mean that this is the best place to put a pond.  Ponds look wrong half way up a slope, think about it, and being under a large tree you will spend your life fishing leaves. In 2009 we had recently removed a large Laurel from the back of the garden and had gained the slope for planting.  The slope is steep and so we put in some ‘terracing’ using scaffolding boards. Now however we are looking to take the same boards out partly because they are rotting and partly because the area has become more of a shrubby and it isn’t necessary to have a path to access it.

Jan 2018

March 2009

The greenhouse really demonstrates my different attitude to gardening.  Over the last nine years I have gone through a period of embracing plant propagation, developing a passion of various plant groups such as succulents, ferns and bulbs.  Now I’m in a place where I feel my life is more balanced and I have developed new interests which mean that I don’t have as much time to spend sowing seeds and propagating which is fine as I then don’t need to feel guilty about the collection of seedlings which I haven’t done anything about.

I hope this will be a good theme for the meme this year and if you would like to join in with the meme, however you choose to use it, as always please leave a link to your post in the comments below and if you could include a link to this post in your post that too would be fab.  It helps us to link up with each other.


19 Comments on “End of Month View: January – Nine Years On

  1. It’s truly amazing to look back at photos and to see how one’s garden has progressed. I think your blog is very aptly named as one of the biggest things I’ve had to learn as a gardener is patience. I do love propagating plants and it always gives me great pleasure to make ‘more from one’ and see the new ones growing in my garden.

    • Hi Jane
      Yes patience is definitely needed when gardening, it can take a few years for some plants to settle and start growing well

  2. What a difference a few years has made and for the better without a doubt. We inherited a large pond half way up a slope which we’re gradually filling in. Ours was insufficiently built up at the lower end so effectively offered probably the only infinity edged fish pond in the country. But it leaked like a sieve and, as you say, clogged up with leaves.
    I’ll resume my contributions next month if I may. The garden is just a swamp at the moment!

    • I love the idea of an infinity pond for fish. I pieced holes in the bottom of mine and then threw in compost on top of the remaining water. I was aiming for a bog garden but got too carried away with making holes for it drained too well !

    • Thanks – it was quite a shock to look that far back

  3. What a great idea, and how enjoyable to see how your garden has changed over the last ten years. I will join the meme as soon as I have anything to show in my Quebec garden… right now it is knee deep in snow. But spring will arrive. Eventually.

  4. This is a brilliant idea and I will try to remember! I love looking at comparison pics. I wish I had time lapse cameras in the garden because it is impossible to remember how it looked a month or year ago.

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