End of Month View – February 2018

I was going to say I shall be glad to see the back of February and hopefully the cold weather but it appears that it will be staying with us a little longer and I have the prospect of snow on my birthday.

As you would expect the garden hasn’t changed significantly over the last month due to the season but I have done quite a bit of tidying up; mainly of leaves and weeds with a little bit of pruning thrown in for fun. You can just about make out my stripped bamboo canes at the back of the garden in the above picture.

I haven’t got to the point of being able to cut the grass yet despite it shaggy appearance as its either been too wet or too cold – for the gardener not for grass cutting, but the edges have been tidied a couple of times.

This border is on my ‘to tackle’ list this year although I have to admit its a bit down the list mainly as I struggle with it but there is a germ of an idea of how to bring it together at the back of my mind which needs to be explored.  Another area is the area you can see in the background of this picture where the compost bins are.  Now I get rid of my garden rubbish through the green waste collection service I want to get rid of the compost bins and plant up this area with shrubs and woodland loving plants.

However, before I do that I need to tackle the area at the top of the garden.  In the photo above you can just about make out the top path in front of the bamboos and this is going.  Well it has almost gone now as this weekend we removed the timber which edges the bottom edge of the path and holds up the back border.  We put them in about 9 years ago and they are basically scaffolding boards which unsurprisingly have rotten over the years.  I have tried various approaches to this space but they just haven’t worked as I have never been able to visualise it in my mind properly.  However , interestingly as we removed the wood supports the penny clicked and I can now see how to plant up the areas with hardy exotics – something I have wanted to incorporate into the garden for some time. I just had to remove the visual constraints of the wood to free up my imagination.

So that is my garden at the end of February.  I hope that by the end of next month the weather will have warmed up and the narcissus will be flowering and bringing more colour to the photos

Everyone is welcome to join in the End of Month meme.  All I ask is that you link to this post or blog in your post and that you leave a comment in the comment box so we can find each other.

I look forward to seeing your gardens wherever they are in the world.


Author: Helen Johnstone

I live in Malvern, Worcestershire and am a very keen gardener. I started the Patient Gardener Blog in January 2008 as a way of recording what was happening in my garden and connecting with other like-minded people. I started a second blog PatientGardener 365 January 2013 in order to try and post a photo a day to capture what is growing in my garden or places I have visited

20 thoughts on “End of Month View – February 2018”

  1. Your garden looks good even at this time of year – I have to be so careful in the garden at home in Yorkshire as we are prone to frosts and if I prune too early plants can die on me – so I tend to wait a bit though I am itching to get out there and tidy up.

    1. We didnt have as much snow as we had before Christmas but it did go on for a day too long. Melting now thank goodness. Thanks for joining in

  2. Memes can be addictive! I can not do this one because my landscape is so minimal. I work at other people’s landscapes! Ha! I got out of that one.
    In the middle of your first picture, those are not some sort of yucca, are they? They look like morea or something soft, but I can not tell.

    1. Hi
      I think you are asking about the Watsonias – they are a bulbous plant, with pale pink flowers. More a Pacific coast plant but this one does well here in the UK.

    2. Oh, splendid! We have watsonias here. I happen to have three; salmon, bright reddish pink and white. The white is of course my favorite, but the salmon colored one looks more traditional. We have some at work that I have not seen bloom yet, so I want to see what colors they are. I just might need to get some copies of them too.

  3. Hi Helen – Well that was sa nicdee optimistic column evean tho’ I am hearing about the Monsear from th East blasting frezing weathr and snow oaver you as this very mo,emt! I hope you have some nice pots that are not efffected with trying to pop up thru’ the snow! I hope you also have lots of nice cosy merino jumpers. Have you heard of NZ oossum/merino yarn We have millions of possums here a pest and the fur is spun with erio whihca makes the warmest light jumprs etc. There are some good meil order sites eg NZ Wool Company where I buy my jumpers. WQuite expensive but vg quality and so cosy. W edont get frosts or snow here in Aufckland a very rare occurance to go below 10c at night but the ASouth Island ggets cold so these garents sell well ther an very suitable or northern hemisphere winters.KEEP YOUR HOUSE WARM HOW DO YAU HEAT IT? Heata pumps popular here ane thye have been used a lot over the last few waeeks on cold as we hve ben haviang a heat wave. late 20’s every day an hot at night not goaod for sleeping. ven a sheet only too hot. EEven in INVERCARGILL the caoldest city at very south of nZhad 32c totally unheard of! Cooler now but still mid 20’s. Hotest summer for ages Great for swimming but unfortunately my swimming not good this syear as not in my lovely last house wwith its hugee poos an 5 mins to lovely beahes. Also my swmming has been tippy an need a floaty to help 9STROKE DAMAGE0 grrrr as water baby. The beahes here are very tidal an muddy baottom and still need a ride to them. THope that part of me mends.as have beeen a water baby sisnce 4 years oldan with NZ beautiufl white beacches is a crime not to use them.And not lots of people on them we are spoilet with their beauty. If we visit Europe we dont like beahes with stones an people on thm.as so spoilt here. Keep warm and no couhging! Love Yvonne

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