Its all about the hellebores – GBBD March ’18

This month we have moved on from snowdrops to the hellebores, although the snowdrops are still just there in the background as if frozen in time due to the cold snap.

I love hellebores, they are one of my many weakness.  I love their nodding demure heads which only reveal their real beauty when you lift them upwards.

I have quite a selection accumulated over the years, normally adding at least one a year, bought from Ashwood Nurseries, so they are all Ashwood hybrids.  They are slowly bulking up and merrily seeding around the garden.

But it’s not all hellebores and snowdrops flowering in the garden.  They are now being joined by crocus, hammelias, and violas which have been flowering since October.

Crocus Pickwick

Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Arnold Promise

So these are my floral delights for March.  Thank you to Carol at May Dream Gardens for hosting this wonderful meme.

5 Comments on “Its all about the hellebores – GBBD March ’18

  1. What wonderful hellebores; a really diverse mix of striking colours, with gorgeous streaks and speckles! Quite jealous.

  2. Funny thing is, opposite season here, and I have violas beginning to come out in my garden. No raindrops on mine, though!

  3. Isn’t it wonderful when the hellebores bulk up, Helen? I like the idea of your annual ‘ritual’ of visiting Ashwood and buying a new one ☺

  4. Snowdrops were getting rather tiresome; but now we graduate into something else that we do not grow here. I used to grow hellebores at the farm, but did not like knowing that they do not perform here like they do elsewhere. Our clients did not seem to mind. They grew them anyway, and were pleased with the results. They used to brag to me about the weird colors that came out of our random seedlings. They do bloom here, but not like they do in other climates.

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